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30-Day Blog Challenge: What is Your Worst Trait?

Day 15 of 30. I am halfway this 30-day blog challenge. We will be talking about the answer to: What is your worst trait? I always love to start with a question. So, here it goes. Have you ever got out of bed after thinking you need to complete an important task – and then all of a sudden, you found yourself buried on Facebook newsfeed or washing your laundry. Or perhaps you suddenly realize you have cats to feed, house to clean, floor to be scrubbed – or perhaps you suddenly wanted to have a massage then go for a lunch right after?

What is your worst trait?

The next thing you realized – it’s the end of the day and that important task has been forgotten. Days and weeks passed. Nothing changed.

So, I just said my worst trait. But, why do people procrastinate? Below are some of the reasons.

your worst trait
  • Goals are unrealistic. Setting our expectations too high can be a reason why we procrastinate. Sometimes, when I plan about working out, I try to squeeze as many routines as possible. Although I try to complete them the first few days, they are not really fit for a long-term plan. That’s why it is important to really set achievable plans. If it’s too big for you, just like your food, break it down.
  • Lack of motivation or passion. Another reason for procrastinating is lacking of motivation to do things. It could be associated with setting the wrong goals. What is the end goal for doing such thing? Is it really worth the pain? It could also be you don’t find the end goal attractive for you. That’s why you won’t keep your ass working on it. To address this, if you really need to get something done, find a STRONG reason why it must be done. Start from there.
  • Perfectionism. This best explains my condition. I have the tendency to continue working endlessly until I become satisfied with the work. Now, how does it relate to this? Well, it will keep us from doing it in the first place because we know exactly what perfectionism can do – be prepared for looong hours. The key here is just take the first step – nothing more nothing less. Just take the first step.
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I’m still doing it

Until now, I still have this trait and I still think I perform the best with last minute actions, although not true because better results are yielded from better preparations. But I have to be honest, I am still doing it.

This post is part of 30-day blog challenge below.

30-day blog challenge

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Katie Lam
April 23, 2020 10:06 am

These are some great ideas! Thank you 🙂

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