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Why it Pays to be a Risk-Taker? Answers From Risk-Takers Themselves

If I am pressed for an answer, I would say that it starts with the end to know if something is really an opportunity worth pushing.  What is the benefit I will receive from committing to this opportunity?  If ever an opportunity isn’t really that rewarding, then the amount of risk will be limited.  However, if the opportunity is life-changing, then the level of risk also increases. Looking back, I see myself till now as an aggressive person, a goal-oriented risk-taker. It may actually be easier to sit down in the safe spot, but I never see myself being that person. So now, I am going to share to you why it pays to be a risk-taker.

Why it pays to be a risk-taker?

I messaged my friends and ask the question “Why it pays to be a risk-taker?” Well, of course, I ensured the level of credibility here because I got the right people to ask. Whether it’d be a new adventure, challenge at work, something new to try, these people are very much willing to put in their energy when all the others are hesitant. So, here are their answers.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Here’s David, a pilot under the sea.

“Risk pays since it’s a win-win situation. Either you win, and go home with the prize; or, you lose and you’ll have a story to tell and a new skill to show off.” – David van Teeseling

If I rank my most “risk-taking” friends, David probably bags the top. He is my travel buddy. You can see more of his adventures in his YouTube account: daVIDeoPhile. I couldn’t agree more with this answer. With every risk that may come, it is always coupled with the will to be above the average. There is no doubt that David always goes after newer and undefined territories. Keep it up, bro!

They are not risks. They are chances.

Bringing out the true essence of beauty through lens.

“If you don’t take chances (I never call them risks), you’ll never know what could have been, or what you were capable of. I am glad I took those chances and saw them through in every aspect of life. Taking a risk or a chance is an indication of self confidence and self dependence and I couldn’t be anything else.” – Anjaly Thomas

Anjaly is a friend, a travel blogger and the author of Travel with Anjaly. She lives in Dubai, but she loves to discover the world through travelling. Right now, she is currently exploring Southeast Asia. Hope to see ya, Anjaly!

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It is one step closer to the best version of yourself.

Doing something that really scares you fulfills the very core of your being. Because it makes you one step closer to the best version of yourself. – Jumari Alicaya

I’ve known Jumari since grade school. He is one of my best and truest friends. Jumari, if you are reading this, I’d like you to know that you are unstoppable! The risk of taking those chances in your life strengthened you to keep on going no matter what happens. You are one of the bravest I’ve known, emotionally and physically. As a risk taker, I always feel that you never felt it at all. Again, you are unstoppable. I love you.

I find out more about myself.

Working abroad and learning English are my dream since then. Here in the Philippines, I am living that dream. I met a lot of friends. I find out more about myself, too. If I didn’t take those risks, my dream will never come to pass. – Megumi Noguchi

At the age of 56, Megumi is living her dream here in the Philippines. Meg was able to find the answer to why it pays to be a risk-taker herself. She is a Japanese teacher in a company here in Cebu. She has two sons left in Japan. Both are living their own lives. She got this rare opportunity that may never have been found if she never took risks.

Most often, one cannot achieve victory by playing it safe.

“In this life you have to choose. Die as conqueror or a man who waited for a conquest all his life. We’re all visionaries in our own ways. We chase for our dreams and ambitions differently. Some goes with time and some fight to beat it. Most often, one cannot achieve victory by playing it safe.” – Mark Jay Tadeje

Sir Mark is an engineer, an educator, and my mentor. He is very bold when it comes to taking decisions in life. That’s why he is never afraid to take his chances. If there is one thing I’d like to emphasize out of all he taught us, it is to always go above the average: to challenge one’s self and always produce more than what is expected. Of course, those people who take risks to challenge themselves are bold, and they bring out the best in them. This courage comes with confidence, as well. When all the others want to withdraw, these bold people are willing to stay in. Now, that’s a heavy reason why it pays to be a risk-taker! Thank you, mommy!

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emman damian
April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

It’s all about self-discovery and win-win situation! Learn from these experiences! Live with it!

April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

I understand it but you know I really wish if I could take chance too but… luck

Arugba Stanley
Arugba Stanley
April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

Amazing article and it is good to know taking risks is worth it in life. Could just be he game changer you need

Kristen V
April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

I’m usually up for a good adventure. I love trying new things and growing as a person.

April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

It is crucial to take risks in life as long as there is some sort of reward that follows. Obviously, you won’t see me jumping off any cliffs anytime soon, but I am sure some people may find that doing this will help them overcome sort of fear and/or trust obstacle. Great blog post and so important.

April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

I can’t agree more with you!!! I consider myself a risk-taker and yes i lost sometimes, i won sometimes but one thing is certain, I’ve learned a lot throughout the process.

April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

I am a person who haven’t taken anything at risk yet, I am always playing safe, maybe because I’m still a little bit dependent on something or someone. But as I read your post, somehow got me thinking that there should be something worth risking of especially if it costs nothing but your willingness and hard work.

April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

Really nice post. Motivational

Arugba Stanley
Arugba Stanley
April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

Lovely article well written, taking risk in life is actually worth it…might just be the game changer you need

Jos folio
April 11, 2020 8:23 pm

Unless you take risk you don’t know what is it behind the wall. Keep posting Good one.

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