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Quick Break At Watami Grill & Sushi Bar

The cats are occupying the bed, and I can’t get to rest. Because it’s raining and they’re dead to the world, I don’t wanna disturb them. So, I better talk about the scrumptious time and quick break at Watami Grill & Suhi Bar in Ayala earlier through this post.

Together with Sveta, we visited the limping pup, Sultan, that we rescued from the Persimmon the other day. He is being fostered by this beautiful woman, Maybelle. Before that visit, a lot of things also happened this morning, but I won’t go into details anymore. Just to summarize, it’s very tiring the past few days. I felt like I am carrying the weight of the world with all the ongoing problems around. The need to do something – it’s always there. Thank God! I had a break earlier when Sveta invited us to eat.

What do you wanna eat? Well, nothing feels fulfilling to me aside from the idea of eating in a Japanese resto. Let’s go to Watami! Alright. Let’s go.

Volcano Roll Sushi at Php 445
Salmon Stone Pot at Php 450
Assorted Tempura at Php 450

Good things still happen after all…

There may be bad days, overwhelming days, ‘too tired’ days, or ‘I don’t wanna show up’ days, but today is a great reminder that even though these days feel like drowning you, good things still do happen. That’s how we can sum up life.

By the way, it was my first meal of the day, and the last. Thanks to this beautiful friend for a wonderful treat. Thanks for lighting up the day!

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