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Invited to Speak About Career Advice and Values for a Successful Career

Last month, I received an invitation to speak about career experiences and advice to the students. This isn’t the first time I was invited to speak non-work related at the very least. The last time, I delivered a speech to graduating Civil Engineering students to give a few tips on how to study for the board exams. This time, it would be to a younger audience. The goal of the speech is to give them my personal realization on how our values as individuals can help us become successful and competent professional. Speaking about career advice and values for a successful career is somewhat considered to be a self-introspection as well. Considering my own motivations from the past comes with a hope to help others with their own as they move forward.

Career Advice For the Younger Generations: Steps to Achieve Success in Career and Life

Success is a broad word, and can be defined in so many ways. But the simplest, it is objective by definition and relative to a specific and measurable goal. Once you achieve that particular goal, then consider yourself successful in achieving it. Plainly, it is tied to a specific, measurable goal.

Values for a Successful Career and Life

When we talk about a successful career and life, it really depends on how well a person is able to balance everything in his life to achieve maximum satisfaction. The values for a successful career help them to choose the appropriate paths. When we talk about values, I am referring to the things that we believe as important in our everyday lives.

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Sometimes, we are often too focused on one area of our life at the expense of another. Have you realized this? Sometimes, we are too good in talking, instead of listening. We are too good in sports, and hates reading (which in my case is the otherwise, haha). However, we tend to become more successful when we are in balance with every area of our life. What are these areas? We have family, friends, finance, job, leisure, health and spirituality. That’s the reason why many proactive companies or organizations are pushing work-life balance because it brings peace of mind and overall satisfaction to a person.

Emphasizing the Importance of Work-Life Balance

In the real world (life after school), I can’t emphasize enough the importance of work-life balance due to the multiple responsibilities that we need to handle everyday. Lucky are those who have inherent abilities to do multi-tasking at a time. Well, these qualities or abilities might have either achieved during the life course out of necessity or could be inherent. Either way, maintaining the balance is never easy. BUT, EVERYTHING CAN BE LEARNED. There may be conflicts along the way and in extreme cases, life may require you to sacrifice one thing for the other. In this case, choosing the right priorities using wise decisions becomes important.

Steps to Achieve Success in Career and Life

1. Set Priorities

The very first thing – set priorities. We need to set priorities which we feel important to us. In line with this, we have to determine which are our most important CURRENT values such as time with family, money, career, etc.

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Once we set the list, we must also be able to rank them and decide which among this list are we going to trade off if ever we are faced with unexpected events. Setting these personal values or important things first is necessary before we create career decisions.

values for a successful career
Source: Antimaximalist

2. Set goals and achieve them.

Once we have prioritized our work life values, the next thing to do is to set goals to achieve. In order to successfully achieve them goals, three important skills are needed: time management, financial management and skills improvement.

Source: Thrive Global

Time Management

  • Stop doing unimportant tasks – tasks which are not your priority. If you must, delegate or outsource them. You can also eliminate them if necessary. Do not sweat on unimportant things.
  • De-clutter your space. Get rid of everything you haven’t used. You can also sell them online if you wish to earn extra, or you can donate them.
  • Use timesaving strategies such as paying bills online instead of spending hours on queue. Use technology for personal effectiveness.
  • Don’t spend too much on social media. It’s just a waste of time, unless you are earning from it.
  • Start scheduling personal activities into your planner.
Source: The Brooks Group

Money Management

  • Prepare monthly budget.
  • Identify the items where excessive spending happens, such as milk teas or vices, etc.
  • Calculate how much you can save every month.
  • Start INVESTING at a young age even with small amounts.

Improving Technical and Life Skills

Apart from time and financial management, improving technical and life skills will help us become successful. Luckily, we do have lots of available resources nowadays – thanks to technology! Our professional skills can be improved through trainings which will improve our competencies in our jobs.

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On the other hand, life skills can help us to adapt to our environment and maintain positive behavior as we deal with the demands and challenges of life. Most of the time, these can be learned through direct experiences. Thus, there is a saying “Experience is the best teacher”. These skills when applied are used to handle problems which we commonly encounter everyday.

So, this will be the summary of what I am going to talk about this coming March. In between each topic, I’ll be presenting real-life experiences which I will reserve for the upcoming event. I do hope that the ultimate objective of this talk will be achieved and that is to help the students in choosing their own paths. The work that we are currently working on for the future will surely guide us in selecting the best path in life.

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Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma
February 27, 2021 10:10 pm

Congratulations and wish you the very best for your talk in March. I am sure your speech will be inspirational for the youth in the audience and a great learning experience for them as well at the start of their careers. So true that setting your priorities and remembering to maintain a work-life balance is essential and I couldn’t agree more with all the points you have highlighted as steps to achieve success. 

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