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trying straight espresso for the first time

Trying Straight Espresso For The First Time at Cathalia Café

Thanks to my physical dependence on caffeine, I finally tried this coffee shop. Cathalia Café is only a few blocks from my place. From SM, I was about to try a different coffee shop this afternoon but I felt tired so I decided to just go home straight. On my way back home, I remembered this coffee shop so I googled about it. I only found two good reviews on their Facebook. page One was from a Spanish customer and it’s about how the espresso shot was so similar to that of his place. The second is a compliment about how good the breakfast served was. So, I decided to gave it a try

trying espresso for the first time at Cathalia Café
Located at ground floor of Mabolo Royal Hotel

Talking about a good coffee shop, I’m not only looking into the quality of the coffee served, but also looking if the place is where I can relax, chat with someone, or work quietly. Well,
Cathalia Café pleased me with the amazing coffee experience. Aside from that, the place is quiet and has cozy decors. I wasn’t there earlier to work but to try the coffee. So, I just asked the attendance what they offer to customers. I found out that the cafe has outlets and wifi which are one of the most important considerations when working. So, this is already a plus to me!

Trying straight espresso for the first time…

Because I went there for the experience of trying straight espresso for the first time, I ordered a double shots of espresso, a toast and scrambled egg. I also ordered extra milk just in case I couldn’t take the bitter taste. Take note of this: when you add milk to the espresso, it is no longer called espresso but it is already an entirely different drink. The addition of milk to your espresso muted it, that’s why.

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trying straight espresso for the first time at Cathalia Café
Look at the color of the crema of my espresso.

I love coffee ever since and I never liked sweet drinks. So, I prefer my coffee to be strong. Perhaps, my taste of coffee matures as I do, too. Usually, I order cappuccino which is also espresso-based, only that the whole drink is only 1/3 espresso, and the rest is steamed milk. Today, trying straight espresso for the first time is a great experience for me! Basing from the definition , espresso is no other than a coffee concentrate. According also to what I’ve read, the color of the drink should be caramel. This means that the beans are of good quality and fresh. If the drink arrives flat and dark, this means that the crema (a foam on top of a freshly made espresso) has evaporated already – no longer fresh.

Can you guess how much I spent on these? All these for 130 pesos only – quite cheap right for the experience. If I’d stay longer for work or study, the experience is really worth it – a good value for money.

trying straight espresso for the first time at Cathalia Café

Consume it instantly…

Another thing I’ve learned today is to never compromise the crema of the drink. When you order espresso, you should consume it instantly and never leave it to sit if you don’t want the consistency to evaporate. Overall, I think I can get used to the bitter taste of the straight espresso. I also learn to appreciate some local shops instead of hanging out to known coffee chains such as Starbucks or Bo’s Coffee Shop. Going there can really be pricier, but hey, they are still one of a kind. Local shops which are cheaper can compete, as well.

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