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Why The Practical Bride Should Be Your Next Wedding Planner in Cebu

Joshua and I started planning for our wedding just three months before the actual date. We weren’t aiming for a splendid wedding, but just a small, simple and intimate one graced with some close people. We thought that the idea of hiring a wedding planner was unnecessary. But, everything changed along the way. Here, I am gonna tell you why hiring The Practical Bride (TPB) was the best decision we made. If you are like us who are looking for someone to streamline everything, then get a wedding planner. Here’s to why The Practical Bride should be your next wedding planner in Cebu.

Being in a long distance relationship while preparing for the wedding isn’t easy. Joshua went to Cebu last February so we could process our documents in the Civil Registry Office. At first, we really had no plan of hiring a wedding planner. It’s really true that what you didn’t know won’t hurt you (haha). I tried to research online about wedding checklist, and it felt overwhelming to go through the details, especially, that I will be doing most of the job since I am the one located here in Cebu. Both Josh and I work full-time jobs, and the only time I could go out to look for vendors and everything else is only weekends. Aside from that, I don’t have much outside help such as my mother, other family members, or knowledgeable friends who could help me find reliable suppliers. Plus, the wedding is in two months time from February.

So, I tried to look for wedding planners on Facebook. In fact, I messaged them all at once. Some were very responsive to my queries. I turned down politely those who gave initial rates which are really out of our budget. Perhaps, their rates are that high because they are already established, and they already have ‘the name’. I was hoping I could find someone reliable who would also meet our budget, until I met The Practical Bride online. Guess where? Facebook Marketplace! I told Miss Kara of The Practical Bride if we could meet her the soonest (the day after that night) because Joshua was already returning to Iloilo that same day. And she responded YES! I finally breathe a sigh of relieve. I slept sound that night.

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Our wedding date is still on April – ten tene-nen. I know that it’s too early to write this but, I just want to thank Miss Kara and the team for their efforts. Below are the reasons why The Practical Bride should be your next wedding planner in Cebu.

  1. RESPONSIVE. Topnotch! Miss Kara and the team are very responsive when it comes to inquiries and other concerns. I remember we still have conversations in the wee hours of the morning talking about the details of the wedding preparations. If you hire The Practical Bride, expect that they are working 24 hours because that’s how they want to assure their clients that they got our backs. Even if they still don’t have the answers to my questions, they will acknowledge and make an assurance to get back to me once they already have them.
  2. DETAIL-ORIENTED. The Practical Bride, especially Miss Kara, is very detail-oriented (and perfectionist somehow haha) which I also do love. They pay too close to small details and make sure that that they are incorporated in the actual. Well, I won’t elaborate much because there are too many but just to give you an example: when I suggested a particular stuff for this shoot session, she would tell me that it might be inappropriate (I also love the fact that they disagree as well with the client and offer better ideas, not just the one who will say YES to everything). Another is the scheduling – she makes sure that proper time is allotted when travelling from here to there to make sure that everything is set at the right schedule. You get my point. Overall, I love it!
  3. BUDGET SAVVY. The main driving force in the wedding planning is the budget. We gave The Practical Bride our budget range, and they are very good in helping us find and negotiate with suppliers to fit into our budget.
  4. ORGANIZED. Yes, they are very organized and everyone is at the same page. We conduct virtual meetings, and all our files (timetables, checklist, schedules) are all saved in cloud-based platform, so we could access them anytime anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. We can comment on the documents there, and they are also very responsive to give feedbacks as well.
  5. RELIABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY. They are keeping us on track with a list of things to meet each month for two months till the wedding date. We are reminded to do these, when to give the final list, to send out this and that. They almost took care of everything, from the important issues to the smallest of details.
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No matter how organized you and your partner are, I believe that you’ll never be able to stay on top of everything the way these professionals can. As much as we want to do DIY for our preparations, our time just won’t permit. However, if you still have months or a year of preparation, perhaps you won’t need one. But, won’t it give you peace as well to know that you won’t be running around worrying about everything and everyone being where they need to be during that special day? Because someone will be doing it for you.

We are lucky.

That’s why I can’t thank them enough. We never regret hiring The Practical Bride to be our wedding planner in Cebu. If you are also looking for a planner for your budget-friendly wedding, check them out! I will keep you posted on our next events.

Much love,


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Claudia Blanton
March 16, 2021 12:23 am

weddings can be so overwhelming to plan! I agree with you, that a wedding planner would make sense, and I will for sure suggest that my daughter will use one when it is her time. Blessings!

Blair Villanueva
Blair Villanueva
March 15, 2021 9:12 am

Thanks for featuring them! If ever Cebu is on our option, we will definitely contact them!

Sandra Ward
March 15, 2021 5:35 am

I am a wedding planner myself so this article was really beneficial seeing it from a brides point of view.

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