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The Mezzanine Cafe

The Mezzanine Cafe + Co-Working Space in Cebu

Before anything else, it is important to state the obvious. Every co-working cafe caters to a specific group of people: freelancers who need a good, steady internet connection. Thanks to The Mezzanine Cafe for catering to those startups and people who don’t necessarily work full-time like me.

The Mezzanine Cafe in Cebu
This is what the cafe looks like from the outside.

I personally prefer working in cafes because I can put my money towards both internet usage and snacks. A lot of cafes here in Cebu do have wifi. However, it will not be free all the time unless you’re a paying customer, and even though you buy something, the connection is still limited. Another problem is the lack of outlets to plug my devices.

For anyone studying or working in Cebu who doesn’t have a steady Wi-fi connection at home, here is The Mezzanine Cafe, a quiet place to help anyone finish his task. Thanks to my friend, David, for recommending this place to me.

The Mezzanine Cafe
These narrow stairs going to the cafe will welcome you!

The Mezzanine Cafe: How does it work?

The Mezzanine Cafe has two different areas. There is a cafe and a co-working space. On the main flow is the cafe where everyone can go and buy coffee, eat meals or just have snacks. It works like any other cafe. It also have outlets all over for those who can work with distractions. A music in the background spices up a little the environment. The cafe offers the following amenities (from their FB account):

  • Fiber Wi-Fi Connection
  • Study Cubicles
  • Well-lit study & work area
  • Squat area with lap table
  • Bookstands
  • Power outlets in every table (extension wires are also available for use)
  • Bean bags and pillows 
  • Board games and books
  • Printing Services 
  • School Supplies 
  • Ample Parking Space
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The Mezzanine Cafe
The Mezzanine Cafe

THE SECOND AREA. A closed area is intended for those people who want to work without any distraction. It can also serve as space for workshops, trainings, research studies, general meetings/assembly and other private events which of course done by appointments.

If you feel like having a break and taking a nap from the stress of your ongoing project, you are free to do so!

The Mezzanine Cafe

The internet connection is fast. I never had any problem. Although the interior isn’t absolutely impressive, the environment pretty works well. The tables and chairs are fine, however if you are to stay longer, expect a back pain. Don’t worry. You can take a rest anytime in the nap area.

The Mezzanine Cafe
Breakfast meal + Americano for Php 150 only

The place itself is plain (minimalistic in design), but clean and well-lit. All the basics work and just totally fine for me. The meals are affordable, yet tasty. Compared to Workplace Cafe, another co-working space here in Cebu, I still prefer The Mezzanine Cafe because it is much more spacious and cheaper. I don’t need to pay separately for my stay in the cafe because it is already included when I purchase coffee and any meal. If you reach a certain amount, you’re entitled of a whole-day stay.

If there’d be another connection loss at home, this is definitely my go-to place!


The cafe is gearing up towards its anniversary. That is why they’d like to give back to their customers by offering FREE HOURS STAY for the whole month of JANUARY 2019. You only need to purchase your favorite drink/meal. I am so lucky to avail this freebie! So, what are you waiting for? HURRY UP NOW!

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Centro Maximo Building, D. Jakosalem Street
6000 Cebu City
(032) 342 0572

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the joyous living
June 15, 2020 9:51 am

oh wow. you have to pay to stay at the cafe? is that common in cebu?

Alexa Randolph
Alexa Randolph
May 1, 2020 10:50 pm

This sounds like an amazing place to work if you can’t from home. So cool!
May 1, 2020 5:23 pm

Love working sometimes in a cafe, and yeah you’re right some coffee shops nowadays restrict the use of free wifi so I bring a pocket wi-fi with me aside from using my mobile data.

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