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Big Thank You to Paw Pantry Mission From Persimmon Stray Friends

This pandemic which started early this year is biting not only us humans, but also our furry friends who have no homes. This has serious consequences for our stray friends and those from my place in Persimmon Plus are not exempted. Since day one of this pandemic, we regularly feed them on daily basis. This is even when we have to spend more for their food supplies on top of our own rescued pets. We have about more than ten regular customers in Persimmon. They are waiting for us every single day. That’s why I am very happy and grateful at the same time, when Persimmon friends were chosen to be one of the recipients of the donation drive initiated by Paw Pantry Mission. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much!

About Paw Pantry Mission

Paw Pantry Mission, founded last December 2019, is Cebu-based and run by volunteers with a mission to support individual rescuers and animal shelters/organizations through a pet food drive. It started last when Miss July and her friend raised funds for fellow animal advocates for Christmas. Guess what? They were able to donate over 170 kg of pet food and these were distributed to rescuers, individuals and groups.

paw pantry mission

This time, Paw Pantry Mission ran another pet food drive as celebration for the birthday of one of its founders, Miss July. We are very thankful to be chosen as one of the recipients of this pet food donation drive. Persimmon stray friends are so grateful! I know that we all have birthdays ( although some of us try to avoid the topic). It was a great initiative by Miss July to create this amazing fundraising movement which allowed her to dedicate her birthday to help animal rescuers feed our homeless friends this quarantine! 

Please see this post for more updates of their distribution of pet food to animal advocates in Cebu.

Below is a gallery of pictures of our Persimmon friends.

To Miss July, thank you for dedicating your birthday to help our furry friends. It’s a simple yet grand gesture which helps us care for our neglected friends.

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Paw Pantry Mission.

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