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Sol’s Halo Halo in Cebu Opens New Branch in Mabolo Near Persimmon

Labangon has so much to offer when it comes to halo halo and other desserts aside from its famous siomai. Speaking of halo halo, I have already tried the two of the best halo halo in Cebu (Monbis and Melton), but I have never tried Sol’s Halo Halo in Cebu. I’ve heard about this name once but never really got the chance to try it. However today, the day finally came! They opened its branch in Mabolo just in front of my place! Now, I no longer have an excuse of not trying it. It’s right in front of me. What’s nicer is that this branch just opened yesterday so it’s not yet that packed with people.

Sol's Halo Halo and Desserts
Sol’s Halo Halo and Desserts

Compared to other halo halo shops, the interior of the newly opened branch is not really something catchy. Before they occupied the area, it was once a beauty salon. I noticed they never actually changed the inside including the paint color and the main door. The previous signage of the salon outside wasn’t even yet removed. Since it was their soft opening yesterday, it’s understandable.

Sol's Halo Halo and Desserts
the outside of Sol’s Halo Halo and Desserts

Beat the Summer Heat with Sol’s Halo Halo and Desserts

I was out the whole day under the sun, and I was really sweating. Good thing Sol’s Halo Halo and Desserts was in front of my place to beat the summer heat! I guess I’m not the only running into halo halo for a relief. No doubt halo halo is one of the Filipino favorites, especially during summer.

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Sol's Halo Halo and Desserts

Sol’s Halo Halo and Desserts

Between the regular (without ice cream) and special (with ice cream) halo halo, I chose the latter. The flavor of the ice cream to be put on top can be mango, ube and chocolate. I picked mango. Upon serving, the halo halo looks simple and the portion may be small, but it was so packed with flavors from macapuno, buko, leche flan, corn chips and gulaman! However, the best thing about this halo halo is its homemade creamy ice. According to the crew, it is delivered from the main branch and is sugar-free. It’s not the usual shaved ice, but it tastes more like an ice cream.

Sol's Halo Halo and Desserts
Sol’s Halo Halo
Sol's Halo Halo and Desserts

Would I recommend this place?

Definitely, I will bring my friends and visitors here! The place may be simple but the halo halo is surely a must try!

sol's halo halo
facing my place

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