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The Art of Socializing During Coronavirus Outbreak

All over the world, the coronavirus outbreak has created so much problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) already declared COVID-19 as pandemic which means it already has spread over several countries and affecting a large mass of people. One of the negative effects of this pandemic is the suffering of businesses which led to more and more people working and staying at home. Be it a lockdown or community quarantine, the interaction and gathering of people are highly discouraged. Since more people are no longer going out, establishments and businesses are forced to close since they are continuously losing a lot of customers. Another problem with most of us as this pandemic COVID-19 continues to rise is that a lot of us have more time on our hands. With this, we don’t know what to do since we think we are paralyzed inside our own homes. That’s why in this article, we will be tackling about the art of socializing during coronavirus outbreak.

The art of socializing during coronavirus outbreak

If you feel like going crazy being stuck at home, there are some activities you can go back to or do to keep yourself busy and productive. Below is the list of things to help make things less stifling.

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Take online classes

Learn something new, be it a new language or skill. Thanks to the power of internet, classes of all kinds are readily available for free!

coronavirus outbreak

Pick a hobby

Now, it could be a perfect time to go back to your hobby which hibernated a long time ago. Start asking yourself, “what is my hobby before?”. You may want to create a masterpiece with some yarns, needles or paints. Be creative.

Play games

Stimulate your brain by putting it to work. Try some puzzles, chess or Sudoku. If you are also with your family members, you may want to play board or card games, or even playstation, if still available today.

coronavirus outbreak

Read a book

Do you have that book you bought awhile back but never have the chance to read since you have no time? Now is your chance to give that book a justice. Go read it and learn from it.

coronavirus outbreak

Learn how to cook or bake

What about learning how to bake or cook? Why don’t you cook something special for the family? You may not only learn a skill, but you can also surprise yourself of what you can do.

Watch a movie

Have that movie you are longing to watch? Now is the time. You can either stream it online with Netflix. You will never run out of good movies.

Update your blog

If you are in the blogging realm, it’s now the time to learn new plugins, try a new theme, customize your site, or optimize it. Learning is a never-ending process. It is the perfect time to update your blog and keep on improving.


Of course, don’t forget to keep yourself healthy by sweating. Working out at home does a lot of benefits for your body and improving your immune system. Doing a 30-minute exercise in a day means a lot!

Skin Care

Get that perfect glow by trying out new skin care routine. There are lots of resources online where you can learn from to get that healthy and young-looking skin achievable.

Feed your soul

Most importantly, even not during this coronavirus outbreak, read your bible and feed your soul. A well-read bible is a sign of well-fed soul. Ask for divine wisdom and it will guide how you think and act. It will also help you refocus on what matters most in this life.

In other words, use this time of coronavirus outbreak to unwind, disconnect and stay calm. Now, tell me your ideas of keeping yourself busy without spending too much money.

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Arugba Stanley
March 30, 2020 7:39 am

Thanks for the info, now i have a list of things and activities to help me throught this quarantine period

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