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Meet Mr. Shoe Repair Man: More Than Just Fixing Your Shoes

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As a regular in Persimmon area, I am already used to the resident dogs and cats. I call them residents although they’re just strays. In fact, they already have names and they respond whenever called. One afternoon, after the feeding session for the community cats and dogs, we went to 7-Eleven to have our drinks! There’s this brown dog who lost his left eye. The area around the eyeball is reddish indicating the wound is still fresh. After a few minutes, I realized that dog was owned, and indeed, he was. He was waiting for his owner who was buying from 7-Eleven. I call him Mr. Shoe Repair Man, but he does more than just fixing your shoes.

Meet Mr. Shoe Repair Man

It was last year when I first met Mr. Shoe Repair Man. I was following a skinny dog which led to his humble home in an abandoned place. Upon nearing his place, I was welcomed by barking dogs who seemed to be protective of him, but I found to be sweet later. He is repairing shoes for a living. Later that day, I came back to that place to bring some dog food and have a pair of shoes repaired. A decent man on his 50s was so happy. He was a little bit shy receiving the gift, but cheerfully accepted it with a big thanks!

shoe repair man

Fast forward to now, we visited Mr. Shoe Repair Man again. This time, his female dog gave birth to five puppies. He was a little bit problematic because his furry friends are growing in number. The dog named Tiger who lost his eye recently had an accident. Mr. Shoe Repair Man even told us the story how his eye was popping out as he tried to return it. Eventually, it fell off. I couldn’t imagine the panic if I were in his place. He had none to bring his dog to the vet, but the dog managed to survive. What a strong one!

More friends…

Spay/Neuter Advocacy

So, we made a commitment to help Mr. Shoe Repair to have his friends spayed/neutered. By spaying or neutering our pets, we can help control the pet homelessness crisis. Moreover, our pets will have a longer and healthier life. They won’t go into heat and will less likely to roam away from home. Thus, it also prevents accidents to happen to our pets.

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Mr. Shoe Repair Man is very willing to have his furry friends spayed/neutered. I love this man! Everything this man possesses could be easily stacked on the single bed with plenty of room to spare. Despite his few possessions, his aura is positive and face lit up with a welcoming smile. He may be living alone but it’s not surprising how satisfied he is with his life. His heart is pure. No wonder how his dogs and cats love him because they found a loving home.  

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August 9, 2020 10:46 pm

How can we extend help in any way to Mr. Shoe-Repair Man and his dogs, especially the one that lost his eye? Can we get him to see a vet?

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