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Of Love, Rescues and Heartbreaks: Always Choose to Rescue

The highs and lows. The ups and downs. It’s a roller coaster ride. It’s an everyday struggle where you are being tested. Of course, there are some who are winning – from being able to save a life from the streets. However, there are some moments which are heartbreaking. In a blink of an eye, everything can crash down. Rescues and heartbreaks always go together. Once you put yourself into this world, expect that your heart will break a lot of times.

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Not all survive.

When you actually see the lives of the unwanted and neglected stray animals, it changes you. The neglect, abuse, suffering – they are everywhere. Ignorance and lack of initiative from people anger you. The more you become aware of your environment, the more it destroys you. Do you know what drives us? It’s the conscious need to help these abandoned animals out of their difficult situations. But, the bigger question is: Do you know what drives us crazy? The task is overwhelming. The fact that you see those faces who need your help, but you can’t save all of them. You will start to mourn and grieve. Then, if you want to ask for help, most never really care.

Rescues and Heartbreaks

Every time you forget why all of these matter, you question what you’re doing and wonder if all of these are worth it, every time you forget, just look at them. You will find the answers. You will see how grateful they are, the smile in their faces, and most especially, their love.

So, I get up…

When you ask for help and people neglect you, you will learn to trust less, and do a little more of what you can do – and that is, to fight a little harder. You will learn to try more, and hope that the next time, you can do better.

“Rescued does not mean they are damaged. It means they had been let down by humans.”

When you look at their eyes, you will remember how they got here and how far they have come. You will realize that if they didn’t know you, they wouldn’t be here, and that they had already given up. As you look back, that’s the time you want to move forward.

The above images show some of our rescued babies. Look how love transforms. Yes, we choose to rescue, and YES, we all have the chance to walk away. But, we choose not. Rescuing is painful. Rescuing is joyous, and it’s all worth it.

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To more triumphs and heartbreaks. Cheers!

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May 25, 2020 11:43 pm

My kids are desperate for a dog so I think we’re going to rescue one once lockdown is over.

Louise x

October 31, 2019 11:32 pm

Always love rescue articles. We have a rescue for hospice dogs and cats. Really enjoyed your article. Education is everything.

Tammy Staley
October 31, 2019 6:02 pm

I will never understand how people can hurt animals. There is just no reason to hurt something so innocent.

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