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Relax Hostel Takayama Station: Best Accommodation in Takayama, Japan


Located in Takayama in Gifu Prefecture in Japan, Relax Hostel Takayama Station is just a few meters away from the train station and is in the heart of the city center. All the way from Kyoto, we went to Takayama for one thing: to head to Shirakawago to witness a snowfall. But, we were so lucky, because right after we stepped foot on to Takayama station, snow started to fall. It was still a warm welcome after all. That night was really magical. In this article, I’m going to share our stay at Relax Hostel Takayama Station where we spent a night before we head to Shirakawago. I tell you shouldn’t miss this place if you plan to head to the same destination.

Relax Hostel Takayama Station

Relax Hostel Takayama Station is only a minute walk from the train station. The location is very strategic because aside from the train station, it is also a few minutes away from the following tourist destinations.

  • Hida Kokubunji Temple – 4 min walk
  • Takayama Tourist Information Center – 7 min walk
  • Sanmachi-suji – 8 min walk
  • Merchant Houses – 8 min walk
  • Morning Markets – 8 min walk

Features of Relax Hostel Takayama

Shared lounge/bar with Free WiFi

Relax Hostel Takayama offers a shared lounge and kitchen for the guests. We enjoyed access to free WiFi, microwave and refrigerator in the common area. What I also love about the hostel is it promotes sharing among guests. The refrigerator categorized stuff into private or shared. If you choose to share your food with other guests, you can mark it as shared so others can have access to it. Most of the shared goods inside the refrigerator are those from guests who have already left. So, we are free to grab them!


Complimentary Slippers

No outside shoes will be allowed once you leave the lounge to go to your respective rooms. All the shoes will be left in racks provided, and a pair of complimentary slippers will be given to you. Don’t worry – no one’s gonna steal your shoes.

slipper rack relax hostel takayama

Dormitory Type Rooms

We booked a mixed dormitory type room with a double bed that is good for two. The room is good enough having an area of 5 sq. m. Although it has no windows, it’s still perfectly fine especially for short stays. The room is fully air-conditioned and the bed is super comfy! It also has enough outlets for your electronic devices. Since this is a dormitory type room, voices should be minimized so as not to disturb other guests. Bathroom is also shared when we booked this room type.

relax hostel takayama mixed dormitory type

However, if you want a private room which of course can cost you more, you may choose to do so. We book this room via Based on our experience, the dormitory type is already a good value for money!

Shared Bathroom with Laundry, Dryer and Free Toiletries

I can say that this is the best shared bathroom I’ve been. I know for sure you will agree we are kind of hesitant to book a room especially if bathroom is shared. However, it’s a different case here in Relax Hostel Takayama. You won’t mind it even for a second! The amenities are complete – you couldn’t ask for more. They have plenty of hair dryers so you won’t wait for your turn because you can use them simultaneously. Don’t worry as well if you run out of clean clothes because they have laundry facility. What I love the most is the free toiletries – not just the cheap ones because Japanese products are of high quality.

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Free Breakfast

Yes! One of my favorite parts – the free breakfast. They have free bread, jams, butter, and coffee. It’s a prepare-your-own style of breakfast so you are free to use the microwave or toaster for your bread. You can also choose from the fridge if you want to grab some shared foods. Just take note to clean your own mess right after you’re done.

The spacious lounge offers the chance for you to interact with other guests. The hostel staff were also very friendly and accommodating.


Address : Hapon, 〒506-0026 Gifu, Takayama, 5-14-14 Hanari-cho 2 Station Front Shintoichi Building 2nd Floor

Contact Number: +81 577-57-5688

Overall, I am recommending this place if you wish to visit Takayama in the near future. Add Gifu Prefecture and this accommodation to your Japan bucket list. You will love it! Safe travels!

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June 17, 2020 7:30 pm

I love how updated Japan is.. And these relax hostels loos so comfortable. I would love to visit japan someday.

May 21, 2020 10:56 pm

Quite classy and trendy style this hotel has, would love to visit this someday for sure.

Iris C. Permuy Hércules de Solás
May 21, 2020 12:50 am

What a beautiful design this hotel has! Thanks for sharing.

May 19, 2020 5:33 am

My son is a big fan of snow. I could go forever and always and never see it again, lol, I’d be perfectly fine. 🙂

wendy gratzer
May 19, 2020 12:33 am

I have never stayed at a hostel. Thank you for sharing this looks like one that I can stay at.

May 18, 2020 10:58 pm

This is only an hour away from where I live. It is a cute and cozy place and I would love to visit it!

May 18, 2020 2:23 pm

What a cute little place to escape to. It’s quaint but super cute and comfy.

Shelley at Beyondpennies
May 18, 2020 2:01 pm

The Takayama Station hostel looks like the perfect place to stay in Takayama. Love the design and the rooms look comfortable!

Melanie williams
Melanie williams
May 18, 2020 4:43 am

Wow looks like an amazing place to stay for sure. Perfect for when all this is over x

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