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Should You Quit or Keep Going, Even Though It’s No Longer Fun?

On any given day, I have lots of things I’m starting or working on with various “states” of completion. Perhaps, I can finish one or two this week, come back next week to another one or two. Then, probably let the rest fade into the dark. Have you ever experienced starting something but losing interest along the process and ending it unfinished? You’re not alone. Everyone experiences it at some point of our lives. Right now, try to audit your daily activities. Do you have some projects (hobbies/interests) which you started, but you’re starting to lose interest with? What do you plan to do? Should you quit or keep going, even though it’s no longer fun?

Why You Start Things You’ll Never Finish

I made a research about the reasons why we can’t finish what we started, and I am surprised with the results because I am learning something new which explains the rationale behind. So, if you are also curious as to why this happens, continue reading.

Reason #1: Lack of Motivation

One thing I learn is motivation is associated with pleasure. If you want to see yourself keeping up with a certain project everyday until completion, you should associate that goal with a REAL REWARD. What does this mean? You must be able to visualize the real benefits which you’ll gain once you complete it. Once you are able to see the real reward, it alone causes the release of dopamine, neurotransmitter playing a role in pleasure, motivation, and learning. Then, this will activate and increase your conscious ability to think of strategies to help you materialize your goal.

quit or keep going

Reason #2: Self-Doubt (Too Much Negative Thoughts)

Think of this. No two things can occupy the same space. If you keep on meditating on negative thoughts, they will consume your brain. Thus, your conscious mind won’t be able to think of strategies to get the work done. Try to practice of thinking positive all the time. When you aren’t meditating on negative thoughts, your brain is free to pursue your desires and goals which bring valuable outcomes when the time comes.

quit or keep going

Reason #3: Lack of Commitment

The formula is pretty simple: if you are not committed to hitting the finish line, forget about your goal. To finish what you started, maintain a constant willingness to persevere.

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Create a plan. Write down the obstacles that you are about to face and the strategies to counter these obstacles. It’s important to visualize the goal, but it is more important to take actions.

What if I lose interest? Should I quit or keep going?

Finishing is hard for a lot of people especially if there are no consequences. One example is starting to learn a new language, only to drop off after weeks or month. I also encounter a lot of people being vocal in social media telling us they’re going to do this and that but ended up not finishing them. If you are losing interest, you’re torn between quitting or persevering. The answer is it depends.

  • Only choose what is worth finishing. Do not try to finish everything. You will only become more stubborn. Instead, do the next tip.
  • Categorize your projects: experiment or commitment. Experiments are okay to quit. Do not be afraid to start something out. If you don’t feel like doing it long-term, feel free to quit without stressing yourself. Commitment, on the other hand, should be continued till the very end. The goal is to be a finisher unless you can no longer continue. Break your projects into these two categories so you will know what are worth finishing.
  • Less talk. More action. Isn’t it ironic? The more we talk about what we should be doing, the less we seem to make actions on it. We need less talk and more action.

What keeps you motivated when you’re about to give up on something?
Let me know down below.

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