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Que Sera, Sera: Embracing Life’s Uncertainties

Sharing to you my ‘today’. “I walk alone. I walk alone.” These lines from Green Day played inside the cab earlier are still making echoes. They remind me of this famous song, ‘Que Sera, Sera’ by Doris Day. It’s funny that some days you are just being the plain you, just minding the everyday work, and then, there are some days, when life makes you deep-dive into contemplation.

Que Sera, Sera

After months of quarantine, I finally got my ramen and gyoza fix today from Sachi. The meal from the last few hours still make me full up to this time. I even bought a dinner, but not planning to eat it till tomorrow. Okay – enough of segue. Back to Doris Day’s song, Que Sera, Sera (What will be, will be) ­­– we have times in our life where we can be sure of one thing, and then the next minute, we aren’t no more. The truth is life is uncertain, isn’t it?

Life’s Uncertainties

Everyone wants to have a good life. We have all the ideas, lots of them, as to how we want things to happen. But, as we go on with the journey, we find that life is uncertain and we need to take a lot of detours. Change is the only constant thing that’s there. Circumstances can change. Priorities change and things can happen which are beyond our scope. Tomorrow is unknown, and we never know what it will bring.

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We can hope. We can dream. But, we cannot be sure.

Just do what you want and need to do…

Now, I am putting emphasis that there should be passion in whatever you doing. You should have love in whatever you do so it will last. The tendency when you deprive someone of something he wants to do, he will feel the impermanence of that thing and in return, will cause some psychological issues in the long run. That’s the lesson I got from my Psychology class in college. If a mother weans her child off the breast too early or too late, the child may develop oral cravings when he grows up.

The point here is we should let ourselves explore the uncertainties while we still can, while we are still not yet bounded by greater responsibilities of life such as being a family man or woman. Well, that’s the least I can think of which I can relate (haha). If in the future, we will feel the ache of the impermanence of the things we enjoy now, this might results in spending more time thinking about it which could possibly impact our productivity and worse, steal “us” from the moment.

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.” ~Tony Robbins

This quote from Robbins gives me comfort. A few people only love the unknown. Without uncertainty, there’d be no growth because we will just stay in our comfort zones and would never be pushed beyond our limits.

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What is this teaching me?

Only when we are able to accept that some things are uncertain, that we really don’t have the answers to everything now, we realise that lessons are always there if we are just paying attention to details. Let this question be always with us when faced with an uncertainty “What is this teaching me?” Just trust the process, let go, and embrace the uncertainty.

You might be walking alone like that from the Green Day song, but listen to your intuition. Remember that everything happens for a purpose and everything teaches us a lesson. Please also know that roads will be rough and it’s okay not to be okay. It’s also okay to not have all the answers in this world.

So that’s it – let’s just see where this goes.

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