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puchi marry cat cafe

Purr-fect Afternoon at Puchi Marry Cat Cafe, Kyoto

One of the best places in Kyoto which I’ve been was this paradise – Puchi Marry Cat Cafe. This is a purr-fect place for fur parents who wish to go to Japan. Puchi Marry Cat Cafe is just a few minutes away from Kawaramachi Station. I’ve been to cat cafes here in PH (Cebu and Davao), but this one is exemplary. I couldn’t say enough good things about this place because it is a paradise, indeed.

There were cases here in Cebu where animals were exploited in themed cafes. Thank God – their operations were now suspended. With this, I can really say that Puchi Marry and its facilities are way above and beyond my expectations. The health and happiness of the furry friends are well maintained.

Puchi Marry Cat Cafe

The place is sparkling clean! It is large and well-lit. The interior design is also superb with various furniture suited for the roaming cats. Cats do whatever they want, as they always do. They climb, play and even hide at those spaces.

Cats also do want to enjoy their personal space, and this is not a problem at all because there are lots of built-in shelves and cubes attached to the wall where cats can sleep and hide.

Puchi Marry Cat Cafe

Be careful with jumping cats!

All the cats are relaxed – some are also very playful. There was even a note warning customers of jumping cats – especially if you bring in treats.

They were all groomed and the cafe is well-maintained – the caretaker, even though they are only an army of two, monitor them at all times.

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Ooops. I can’t miss how the cafe is for the visitors. If only I have more money, I will spend more hours there. Why? Visitors can bring in their drinks while watching movies. Not only that – the vending machine outside gives you unlimited hot and cold drinks.

There were also lots of tables and seating spaces. If you wish to play Nintendo Swithc and PS4, why not? or if you are tired of strolling around, napping spaces are also provided. What else do you need?

Again, that’s if I still have more money (haha). The first ten-minute stay will cost you 550 yen and every additional 10 minutes will cost you 200 yen. I’m no longer sure how long we stayed there but we paid around 1900 yen (more or less Php 1000) for the two of us. Still, it’s really a great plaaaace and totally worth it!

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April 11, 2020 6:11 pm

This is a cat lover paradise. I think it’s adorable.

katrina Kroeplin
katrina Kroeplin
April 11, 2020 6:11 pm

yes please. i would love to go there. it would be amazing to have coffee and play with cats.

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