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30-Day Blog Challenge: Old Photos of Me

Looking at old photos brings back memories and makes us feel nostalgic. It is like an instant time machine bringing us to the time and places where we can see and feel everything in details. As part of the 30-day blog challenge, I will be sharing old photos of me.

It took me hours to finally gather these photos because I had so much fun browsing through some old photographs with friends. I even saved and shared some to them. We all had a good laugh. Okay. So, the following photos are from my 15-year old self. No pimples. Long hair. Year 2009 – it was my first year in college. In fact, this was the time I struggled of reaching 110 pounds. I badly want to donate blood, but I couldn’t get it to that weight requirement no matter how hard I try to. This girl here held so much innocence at this age, now forgotten, but had gone so much wiser. Say hello to the 15-year old me.

Old Photos of Me

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Nene sa punso. Circa 2009.

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I remember this picture was taken morning inside my room. I was sitting beside the window, and taking advantage of the effect of morning sunshine.

This was lunch time in McDonald near our school. It’s wash day – the reason why I was not in uniform. My high school friends were with me during this time. Guess what? We’ve been friends for more than a decade now. They are the best!

This was taken after classes. I was with the same group of people from the above in Dunkin Donuts right in front of our school. I told you – Dunkin Donuts holds so much memories, even the earliest ones.

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Say hello to the 15-year old ME!

How about you? Do you still have your old photographs?

This post is part of the 30-day blog challenge below.

30-day blog challenge
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