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Okinawa Heat APM: Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant

Beautiful Japan – so much reasons to love Japan especially on how they prepare their foods. Japanese foods are not only popular because they taste good, but they also look so fantastic. I can attest to this when a Japanese friend invited me to her home when she insisted to prepare food for dinner. It is a standard practice to combine food art with flavor. If ever you start your journey of trying out Japanese foods, here is one thing you should remember – authentic Japanese foods will NEVER disappoint you. There is a few authentic Japanese restaurants here in Cebu which we’ve been to, and recently, I added Okinawa Heat APM, located at APM Mall in front of SM City Cebu, on this list.

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Okinawa Heat APM

If you’ve been to Ramen Yushoken in Oakridge, they are specialized more on Japanese noodles (tonkotsu ramen). However, if you wish to have some variety, trying out Okinawa Heat is a brilliant idea! Megumi-san, our Japanese friend, invited us to visit this place last month. I know for sure that when she recommends the place, there’s no doubt it’d be a sure go-to resto since Megumi-san is really particular when it comes to eating. So, below are some of the Japanese foods we tried out at Okinawa Heat APM.

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100% U.S. Beef Lava Plate Heat Steak

It’s not your ordinary steak plate. This is Megumi-san’s favorite here in Okinawa Heat APM. The quality of the beef is real good, and the meat is almost free of fat making it tender yet flavorful. The stone beside the steak is called hot rock or lava rock. Basically, its purpose is to contain the heat so that the steak can have the sizzling hotness till your last bite. Lava rock is perfect for any steak lover.

Ostumami Cabbage

Otsumami is a Japanese word which means “snacks paired with beer”. Otsumami cabbage is a combination of half-cooked (boiled) cabbage + salt + sesame oil. The combination of the crunchiness of this fresh salted cabbage and cold beer makes you want to have more and more.

okinawa heat apm littlemisadvencha

Tonkotsu Ramen

I was really looking forward to the tonkotsu ramen, but it wasn’t the taste which I expected. The broth is average, not as flavorful as that of my fave ramen place here in Cebu. However, if compared to other Japanese restos here, it’s comparable.

okinawa heat apm littlemisadvencha


I love gyoza so much that I can fit as many dumplings as I can in my stomach. Usually, one side is fried and the other is steamed. Then, it is dipped in pepper and soy sauce with the option of adding chili.

okinawa heat apm littlemisadvencha

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Style Pizza)

The first time I tried Okonomiyaki was in Sachi Japanese Restaurant. No wonder it tasted so familiar when I tried it at Okinawa Heat APM. Okonomiyaki is Japanese version of pizza. It’s made up of cabbage, meat, eggs and other condiments. Okonomiyaki, as we translate it to English, means grill as you like it. “Okono” means as you like, while “Yaki” means grill. It’s delicious, superb!

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okinawa heat apm littlemisadvencha
okinawa heat apm littlemisadvencha

What popular Japanese food makes you the most excited? Let littlemisadvencha know in the comment section!

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May 26, 2020 12:00 am

WOW this looks so good! I love tonkatsu, cant wait to eat Japanese food after this ecq

Lavern Moore
Lavern Moore
April 14, 2020 9:19 pm

These dishes looks delectable. Would love to taste these in Okinawa!

Nina Lehan
Nina Lehan
April 14, 2020 8:13 am

i love Japanese food, Gyoza and Beef steak, yummy. The way that Food is presented is mouth watering

Blair Villanueva
Blair Villanueva
April 14, 2020 6:12 am

I like Japanese food coz of their way of food preparation and skills of cooking. Every food serves comes out like a pristine work of art.

April 13, 2020 11:59 pm

I never knew of all this amazing food. I wish i lived closer so I could check it out!

Veronika Sykorova
Veronika Sykorova
April 13, 2020 8:17 am

Yum I looove Japanese food! Can’t wait for restaurants to open up again so that I can have some!

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