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Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO)

If there is one word I could use to describe my experience at the Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO) in Guadalupe, it would be “welcoming”. Luckily, this is my blog. I can use more words to describe to you exactly why it is “welcoming”. Dan Vetter, the Vice-President of the organization, was extremely hospitable. He introduced us to all the four-legged animals that consider the shelter their “home”. He also toured us around to see various dogs and cats playing, so that we could take pictures although the place isn’t that big. This organization relies mostly on donations from kind-hearted people. If there is a place that needs more donations, it’d be this shelter. The volunteers and staff of Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO) are all dedicated with a common belief: everyone deserves a second chance and no one should be left behind.

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Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)
Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO) Shelter

Located in Cebu City, the shelter which is quite far from the city hassles is perfect for the animals. There are so many trees around the place which act as shade from the hot temperature of the tropics. The trees tend to keep the place cool and cozy.

Address: Guadalupe, Cebu City, Cebu

Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO) is an independent animal shelter offering refuge to a diverse group of pets from baby kittens to senior cats and dogs, all of whom are looking for a fur-ever homes and some fur parents to spend the rest of their lives with. The people behind this organization are truly in the business of saving abandoned and neglected lives. They provide a safe haven for the animals they rescue. They do not euthanize animals like in pounds. It made me think how these people left their comfortable lives back in their country and do their best to give each and every creature here a second chance to experience life with love and care.

MARO is still an independent facility,

and they deserve all the help and donations that it can get. 

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

Currently, the shelter holds ninety-six (96) animals with twenty-six (26) dogs and seventy (70) cats which were once abandoned and left by owners. Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO) is a non-profit organization and is registered with the Philippines’ Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The main focus of the organization is to provide treatment and recovery to the abandoned street dogs and cats who are malnourished, sick, and desperately in need of love and care. The organization helps to alleviate the suffering of these animals and relocate the worse cases to the shelter to provide intensive care.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)
This is Dan Vetter, the Vice-President of the organization.


The shelter has an increasing need for dog and cat food, medicines, cleaning materials and transport opportunities. If you are a dedicated volunteer, you are very much welcome to help the organization out with the duties such as bathing the dogs and follow up reports of abused or lost animals. Foster parents are also needed who are willing to care for the animals temporarily until they are vaccinated, taken to our shelter or brought to a permanent adopter. The shelter is supporting foster parents and adopters even after the animals are taken. They also provide ongoing medical treatment if needed.

The best help the organization can receive is the monthly donations. The people behind the organization do not have any allowance. They depend on monthly donations to hire staff to help keep the shelter in order. They want to pay more to the staff so they can stay longer and be satisfied. However, that solely depends on their monthly donations.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

To find out more about and help the Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO), you can visit the site: and donate directly here:

The animals themselves are also equally as friendly. When we arrived at the shelter, every single dog greeted us as enthusiastically as if we were their owners who returned from a long day at work. Each cat used the entire body’s strength to dance around you. Some were even jumping at us. Several of the other cats in the cages pushed their heads and paws up against saying their “hellos” as we watched them. I believe it is safe to assume that the kind  of temperament of all these animals is a result of the kindness these loving people give to them in a daily basis.


What’s great is that all these animals have been given vaccinated, spayed/neutered, given with anti-rabies shots, canine 5in1 and feline 3in1 vaccine with booster shots.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)
This is Ashley. She loves to be always on the lookout. You usually see her climbing trees or at the top of the post.
Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

There is not any way that whatever you are doing right now won’t be exponentially better with one of these cute pals meowing at you.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

Seriously! If you are not fawning right now seeing these creatures, I regret to inform you that you are missing a soul.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

Still hopeful for that furever home…


The dogs were all so happy to be able to play in and out! Most of them have been at the shelter for years already. All deserve to have a home in which they can run and play freely. Once these dogs warm up to you, these dogs can transition seamlessly between being the perfect playmate to the lazy lap dog of your dreams.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

It’s a dream to sit outside on a nice summer day with all the dogs playing: not aggressive, just having fun. That dream can be realized when you visit the shelter. So much respect.

This is Cha. Dan described her as a 71, 000-peso dog not because she is expensive, but because that’s how much they needed to collect and spend for all her surgeries and treatments. She had her first surgery when she got her bone broken at one of his legs (hit and run) . They put a pin to connect the fracture and expected that the bone would heal naturally. However, Cha faced complications. She was in severe pain. So, she underwent another surgery and had his leg amputated. Cha is such a sweet girl. She may have lost her leg but never spirit.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

This is the white blind doggie enjoying the tap. Sometimes, he goes out for a walk. Most of the time, he just enjoys the sun.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

The black dog has a horizontal scar above his nose. He was attempted to be killed using a machete because he bit his owners. MARO rescued him. From then on, he is always hungry for love and attention. He is a very good dog. We gave him a pat and he responded with a smile and wagging tail.

Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)
Mayari Animal Resuce Organization (MARO)

This is Cheska, a very beautiful dog. THE SWEETEST GIRL in the shelter. She only has one mission and that is to steal all the cuddles from the visitors.

Love and Sacrifices

Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO)
This is one of the workers at the shelter: preparing for the food of the animals.
Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO)

Scratches from Dan’s hand

I remember what Dan said when we were there, “I don’t want to take in more dogs anymore. But, if you leave them there, they’re gonna die.” The dedication of this mam is really incredible.

Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO) is one of the heavens here on earth that  I’ve ever been to but it still doesn’t compare to a fur-ever home. Each one of these glorious creatures deserves to find a loving and caring family. Of course, you can help to make that dream a reality.

To find out more about and help the Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO), you can visit the site: and donate directly here:

Please follow social media accounts of Mayari Animal Rescue Organization.



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Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O
June 23, 2020 11:39 am

They are so adorable. Cats and dogs are so cute and deserve to be rescued!

Lyanna Soria
May 10, 2020 5:57 pm

They all look adorable and I’m happy that they at least have a place to stay and be safe. That sounds like a wonderful organization and I hope plenty of people support them.

May 10, 2020 6:32 am

One of the companies I work with does animal rescue in South America and they do so much good work in an area that is often forgotten about, looks like you had a really amazing time doing this, plus the animals are so cute

katrina Kroeplin
katrina Kroeplin
May 9, 2020 7:36 pm

i couldn’t love this more. all 3 of our animals are rescues. i hope to get another dog soon and of course they will come from a rescue as well, to me that’s the only way to go go.

emman damian
May 8, 2020 1:42 pm

I hope I can volunteer in Mayari Animal Rescue Organization (MARO)! They are doing a good job!

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