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Lorenzo Transformed From Mange to Magnificent

San Lorenzo in lovely Guimaras – that’s where the dog came from. He was in horrible shape—an obvious street dog with a terrible skin condition. Even looking at it was both horrifying and awful. When we first saw him, we couldn’t do anything. That’s the worst part. We were on a day trip in a place that was around a twenty-minute trip by motor boat from our city. There is no way for us to halt the tour and cause inconvenience to our visitors so that we could do rescue. Additionally, we were unprepared.

First Meeting

I closed my eyes and vowed to myself that I would return for him. My husband and I discussed it later that night, and he responded, “Okay, let’s bring Fordie (the red car)!” Also, we planned to take a side trip. It was also thrilling for us since that was the first time we’d driven to Guimaras by ourselves.

If you haven’t heard, the roads of Guimaras are famed for their beauty. In addition to well-maintained lanes, a road trip offers breathtaking views of green trees, sparkling waters, and historic architecture. Cyclists from Iloilo frequent Guimaras almost every weekend.

Rescue Day

We returned to Guimaras a week later. This time, we were ready. It didn’t turn out to be as lengthy as I expected in tracking down the dog. Even though he had not moved since we last saw him, he appeared out of nowhere. When you first saw him, he seemed like he needed help desperately.

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lorenzo guimaras littlemisadvenchalorenzo guimaras littlemisadvencha

We called him Lorenzo – the dog with mange – right then and there. In my mind, he would be protected from people who throw objects at him to scare him away since he was terrified of humans. Although it should not come as a surprise that a dog like Lorenzo, who suffers from a severe skin problem, would get negative attention, we could see that a BEAUTIFUL DOG was hiding beneath. I saw a dog in need of love and serious care.

Side Trip to Hacienda Justina

Just a few minutes later, he was safely inside the cage. It took him a while to settle down once he realized he was being abducted since he was scared and started weeping (haha). Since we were done with our mission, we made a side trip to the beautiful place of Hacienda Justina.

Lorenzo: Transformed From Mange to Magnificent

Lorenzo was put on a medical treatment plan where he received skin scrape tests, frequent baths, and medication. Thankfully, he tested negative for Parvo and Distemper, which all explain his fast and fantastic transformation. He received lots of food and love.

Even though Lorenzo came with absolutely no hair, he soon changed into the magnificent black dog with a massive head and a grin that brightens our humble home. Eventually, this puppy has loosened up and now barks at intruders he perceives as a threat. The easiest way to describe him is Lorenzo, the gatekeeper.

Lorenzo and friends
Lorenzo during his scheduled “neuter” surgery

Helping a dog that is sick, sad, and in desperate need of a loving home is a satisfying experience. Other than being named after the place where he was rescued, Lorenzo or Lawrence means “the guy from Laurentum” or “the shining one.” True to its name, Lorenzo is an intelligent, resilient dog who’s very loyal and a protective companion.

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Lorenzo littlemisadvencha

To this day, the extent of his loyalty continues to astound and humble me. I guess he is just aware of our profound affection for him, which would also explain the depth of emotion that he has for us.

Life Is Short, Make a Difference

When I think about my existence, I am reminded that it is only a matter of time until we all have to go. Many people believe that giving these helpless creatures a chance is too difficult, but it doesn’t always have to be.  The best thing we can do is begin with the simplest steps. That’s what makes a difference.

Including Our Pet in Our Family Portraits
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