Little Misadvencha — Cha’s Online Diary and Personal Journal

What I do

Hi! I am Cha. I work as a Civil Engineer and at the same time, working my way to getting a Master’s degree. I am also a 24/7 fur mommy. Our apartment is full of rescued cats. Just don’t ask about the number – I don’t have the answer.

Why I blog

If you wonder why I blog, it’s just that it’s good to read back months, years, decades later. I started 2018 and we know, we don’t have a time machine. There is just something so special about going back in time to see what I was thinking, feeling and doing back then.

Where I go

I am Gensan-bred but Cebu-based. I love to explore and wander from here to there, coast to coast. Then, I’ll write about my experiences and share them to you.

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