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Celebrating Life and Friendship at Joaquin Runway View Grill

By nature, I am a celebrator especially during the younger years. I love surprising people, planning for celebrations, and making up excuses just to celebrate the people important to me. I love to gather them together and show them that they are worthy of time and attention. For me, celebrating is a language of love. It just so happen that David invited us over for a late celebration of his birthday. During this time, there were no surprises – only the presence of his friends he holds so dear. It was also my first time at Joaquin Runway View Grill. I’ve been dying to go here because it’s a unique experience to dine right next to the Mactan Airport runway. Thanks, David!

Going there is a battle…

After clocking out from work, I patiently waited for the bus going to Mactan. Waiting was a constant battle between going there and giving up. The dinner was even schedule midweek and I was thinking about the early waking time the day after. However, I told myself that after all, this doesn’t happen all the time – so, a little sacrifice won’t hurt much. Finally, the bus came after almost two hours of waiting. It was definitely a test of patience – staying calm while accepting delay.

Arriving at Mactan

My friends are so dear – they picked me up at the bus stop. Together, we went to Joaquin Runway View Grill. Seeing them made me so happy and excited at the same time. I whispered to myself that the whole journey was worth it (insert smiley).

Joaquin Runway View Grill
This picture may be blurry but full of life.

Celebrating Life and Friendship

We sat there together and till now, it remains a beautiful night. Celebrating with true and good friends talking about life in deeper sense both fun and misadventure is my kind of gathering. I was genuinely happy – because true friendship means giving things money can never buy – love, encouragement, and most especially, time.

We’ve been together in so many adventures. They have actually done the same to me from the past years, together with some of our friends who already have their own lives now. They belong to the group of friends where we can just be comfortable with our own selves even if you expose what stinks (*again, insert smiley). And we can gather and love one another as always —no matter where, no matter when. 

Joaquin Runway View Grill

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