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Visiting IRO ‘O’ Cattery: Cat Sanctuary in Cebu

Animal sanctuaries like the IRO ‘O’ Cattery are every animal lover’s dream. If there’s one word to describe yesterday’s experience, it would be “heaven”. Although I haven’t been to Camp IRO where the other furry friends reside, the IRO ‘O’ Cattery already gave me a picture of what it looks like. In case you don’t know yet, it is a place where animals that were once abused (e.g. breeding), abandoned and neglected are now treated with love and care. They are now living a happy and life free from neglect. Together with Sveta of SvetRescue and April of, we went to IRO ‘O’ Cattery and were given a taste of heaven in Cebu.

IRO 'O' Cattery

How to get to IRO ‘O’ Cattery

They say that the road to paradise is no easy road. It actually isn’t a smooth one going there, because we got lost! I do not frequent in Mandaue, well except when I go to my favorite ramen shop in Oakridge. The map from the cattery’s facebook page isn’t updated so we totally lost our way.

Nevertheless, we managed to find the location with the help as well of Miss Annalyn Aizpuru, an animal advocate and volunteer at Island Rescue Organization. For those of you who are planning to go there, I am embedding this map to guide you. However, please do make sure that you prompt the page ahead before you come.

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IRO ‘O’ Cattery: Home to Cats with Disabilities

IRO ‘O’ Cattery is one of the very few shelters here in the Philippines that accommodate feline friends with disabilities. Although they have separate areas for cats with special needs, these cats freely roam around ang get along with others. There is no doubt that they receive the care they require. Here in IRO ‘O’ Cattery, they are enveloped in love and care for the rest of their lives. 

Mahusay (left) got his leg amputated. But, he is now fully recovered and now getting along with others.

Those once abused by breeders now taste freedom…

I never support people who breed dogs and cats profit at their expense. In all honesty, there is no such thing as a “responsible” breeder. Why? It’s because for every pup or kitten being bred, an animal that is waiting to be adopted from the shelter is losing the chances to find a home. In short, breeders kill neglected animals’ chance to have a new life.

This is Maddie, confiscated from a local cat cafe here in Cebu. Her fur was fully matted when she was rescued, and they had to shave her off to make her comfortable. The consistent breeding distorted her physical features which are evident in her body. If not rescued, this could have caused severe health problems. Maddie doesn’t care if whether her physical appearance conforms to our standards of beauty, but he is one of the many victims who suffer the consequences of humans’ selfish interests and manipulation.

Photo: Bailé Jean Siang (Facebook)

Visit them Furballs and Play with them

Cats need play and stimulation. They are always bored. That’s one good reason to visit them and play with them. Here are some shots of Sveta playing with them.

Belly rubs, soft beds, toys and treats…

IRO ‘O’ Cattery is home to 37 cats. You will never run out of job to give them belly rubs, toys and treats!

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IRO ‘O’ Cattery is funded by private donations and sometimes, through the pockets of their own volunteers. If you support this cause, please consider helping the feline residents through a monthly sponsor or by making a donation today. Feel free to visit their site here:

High on Catnip!

What are you waiting for? Meet the furballs from the IRO “O” Cattery!

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FNU Chandini Sheeba
February 3, 2021 12:31 pm

Such a beautiful post! My daughter would love everything about this. She is an animal lover.

Yudith Napitupulu
February 3, 2021 5:43 am

I love the furry kids. I have cat and dog also. I never know that there is a place like this for cat. This is awesome.

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