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ichiran ramen in kyoto and osaka

Ichiran Ramen in Kyoto and Osaka: Best Ramen in Japan

Not just once, but twice! That’s how much we love Ichiran. It was last year when we found Ichiran by accident in Tsim Sha Tsui after a long day tour around Hong Kong. Thanks to Dexter’s craving for ramen – the “ramen” of my life was found (Insert Love of a lifetime by Firehouse here). Okay, so that was in Hong Kong. For two consecutive nights, we indulged ourselves in tonkotsu ramen experience in Ichiran. You might want to see the post here.  Now, that we finally landed to the land where this orgasmic food originated, we grabbed the chance not just once, but twice! Here’s our Ichiran ramen in Kyoto and Osaka.

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Ichiran Ramen in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan

Even if you google Ichiran yourself, you can always find good reviews about this restaurant. They are focused into one type of ramen – tonkotsu. When we say tonkotsu, the soup broth is made from boiling pork bones and other special ingredients for several hours. When tonkotsu ramen is served to the customers, the bowl is filled with the ramen noodles in soup broth, topped with sliced pork belly. You have the option whether you want it topped with egg or additional meat, depending on your preference.

Ichiran Ramen in Kyoto and Osaka

The first few days in Japan, we stayed in Kyoto for my international conference. Since Ichirian also has a branch in Kawaramachi, Kyoto, we purposely went there! The branch is smaller as compared to Tsim Sha Tsui. However here, instead of paying your meal over the counter, there’s a vending machine where you can take and pay for your order.

After placing our orders, we were led by a staff to our designated counters, private little booths for customers – exactly the same system with the other Ichiran branches. Afterwards, we handed our tickets over through the little window in front of us. A staff from the inside would get the ticket and order sheet and prepare our order. Once the order arrived, the little window was closed for privacy in eating. In the Philippines, making noise while drinking your soup seems to be ill-mannered. But, in Japan, the more you like your food, the more you should express your delight through that as-awkward-and-loud-as-you-want-noises while drinking the soup broth.

If there’s one thing you will consider, the queue can get pretty long especially during prime hours. But, if you are really after a delicious quality ramen, it’s totally worth the wait! I just hope that one day, they’ll open a branch here in the Philippines. Highly recommended!

Kyoto Location

Osaka Location

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Carrie Elizabeth Rundhaug
April 1, 2020 12:04 am

This place looks so good! I have always wanted to go to Japan and hopefully some day I will make it there!

March 29, 2020 5:52 am

Such mouthwatering Ramen! I love ramen and I believe this place is a must-try.

Candace Hampton
March 28, 2020 8:55 am

I love ramen so much! It’s a dream of mine to go somewhere authentic like this and enjoy it. I’m sure I will love it so much I’ll have to go back twice too! Making note of this for the future!

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