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How to Enter Cebu 2021: List of Travel Requirements

The whole Cebu Island remains under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) until January 31, 2021. The status will then be updated depending on the rise or fall of Covid19 cases in the island. If you are visiting Cebu sooner or later, you need to be at least aware of the requirements first in compliance with the new issued guidelines on how to enter Cebu City or Cebu Province. In this article, each set of requirements will be categorized based on two destinations: Cebu City and Cebu Province. Please be guided accordingly.

First things first: Coordinate with LGU of Destination

The number one thing you first need to do is to contact the respective local government unit (LGU) for the requirements as they may vary depending on your destination. Below are the respective email addresses you may contact. Just identify yourself so you will be served accordingly.

Other areas within Cebu not mentioned

Basically, the requirements in entering Cebu are almost the same, except for Cebu City which require you to under RT-PCR testing prior to entry.

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How to Enter Cebu as Locally Stranded Individual

Below is a step by step procedure I’ve done on how to enter Cebu as an LSI similar to my case.

1. Coordinate with the local government unit (LGU) for requirements.

As mentioned above, first things first. You need to shoot them an email so you will be clarified on what you need to prepare prior to your entry to Cebu. Don’t worry because they are swift to respond and will accommodate your questions. Just remember to be kind and polite.

2. Get a medical certificate from the barangay of origin.

You will need a medical certificate issued by the City/ Municipal Health office based on the following:

  • That the LSI is neither a contact, suspect or probable or confirmed COVID-19 case;
  • and that the LSI completed the 14-days quarantine based on quarantine standards set by DOH;
  • or that the LSI confirmed as a COVID-19 case was tested negative through RT-PCR twice

3. Secure a Travel Authority

After getting the medical certificate, you will need to secure a Travel Authority or Covid Shield Certificate issued by PNP JTF COVID Shield.

4. Secure a Letter of Acceptance/Coordination from LGU of destination.

The body issuing the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is the LGU of destination. Basically, it will be sent via e-mail from one of the addresses I’ve listed above. Commonly, the requirement for LOA is a residency certificate from the barangay residence and medical certificate issued by barangay where you are currently at. In order to prove to the barangay residence that you are living in the area, you have to secure a certificate from the home/apartment/condo where you are staying in Cebu signed by the homeowner/landlord. After you have acquired this proof of residency, submit it to the barangay together with the medical certificate, and they will issue Residence Certificate.

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Send the residence certificate issued by the barangay together with the medical certificate to the respective email address above so you will be given your Letter of Acceptance or Letter of Confirmation.

5. Valid Identification Card

6. [ONLY FOR CEBU CITY] Authority to Enter

No person shall be allowed entry into the City without presenting an Authority to Enter (ATE) which includes a NEGATIVE RT-PCR Result. Such ATE shall be issued upon the submission/upload of the following documents to the Cebu City Government Portal at


For tourists:

  • Authority to enter [only for Cebu City]
  • Negative RT-PCR swab test result, taken within 3 days prior to the travel date [Applicable to all areas in Cebu if you are coming from outside Cebu]
  • Travel itinerary covering duration of stay or the first 10 days, whichever is shorter
  • Travel Authority from the Joint Task Force COVID Shield (JTF-CV) of the Philippine National Police (PNP). To get this, you will need the following:
  • – medical certificate
  • – barangay clearance from the local government of origin.
  • Roundtrip ticket
  • Confirmed hotel/accommodation booking

For Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APOR):

  1. Company ID/Proof of profession or business
  2. Certificate of Employment/Proof of profession or business (except for uniformed public APORs)
  3. Medical Clearance Certificate
  4. Valid ID
  5. Proof of intent to visit, if applicable (Leisure travel not allowed)
  6. Certification from the Cebu Provincial Government if destination is one of the component cities or municipalities
    • Long-term Private APORs (individuals in the private sector staying in Cebu City for more than 14 days)
    • Letter of Coordination from the Barangay of Residence in Cebu City
    • Travel Clearance from the Office of the Mayor
    • Upon arrival, mandatory swab testing at cluster clinics
    • Undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine
    • Short-term Private APORs (individuals in the private sector staying in Cebu City for less than 14 days)
    • Travel Clearance from the Office of the Mayor
    • Swab test result taken three (3) days prior to departure to Cebu City
    • Return flight ticket
    • Public APORs (individuals in the government sector)
    • Mission or Travel Order signed by the head of the agency
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  • Always make sure to coordinate with the LGU of your origin and destination before booking a flight and before departure. Plan ahead. Ask for the updated list of requirements. Make sure you get the latest information directly from them.
  • For any questions or clarifications, contact the respective emails above.
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