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fostering animals saves lives

Fostering Animals Saves Lives: Step Up to Foster

If people come and go, so do cats. They come as a complete stranger, like a page in a book waiting to be turned. Then, when you turn to that page, they unmasked themselves and show you who they really are. In a few days, they get used to your home, and they feel at home and get along pretty well. Of course, you will get attached. That’s how it always is, regardless of how much you try not to. Then all of a sudden, they have to go, to their forever home. The temporary place they are once in will now be replaced with a haven full of love waiting. I’ve never been more active in fostering animals than ever before. It’s a bittersweet feeling and I believe this is not for everyone. Only the brave ones can endure. Not all have happy endings, and that’s a part of the reality you have to accept once you embrace fostering. But, it’s okay. In the end, everything will be okay. What matters really is fostering animals saves lives. That gives me peace.

Meet the pets under our foster care this quarantine

Why fostering animals saves lives?

Sometimes, I come to think that the need for foster parents can even be more important than the need for permanent adopters.

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I know I can always say no and turn a blind eye but when I come to think of the reasons why fostering animals saves lives, I will never hesitate to say yes. If you are also planning to enter the world of fostering, it’s important to know why it is crucial. Below are some of the reasons why:

Fostering saves the lives of newborn kittens

Kittens (newborn to weeks-old) are extremely vulnerable. If found without a mother, they usually don’t survive without round-the-clock care.

Fostering provides a safe place for kittens to grow

Kittens are more prone to getting sick with weaker immune system especially if they didn’t receive mama cat’s milk. They are vulnerable and most likely won’t survive when they are exposed to other cats or animals.

Fostering helps relieve stress in cats who found a home

Having a safe place can increase their socialization and play which eventually will relieve their stresses. It’s also a preparation for their permanent home.

As a foster parent, you pave the way for the cat to find his/her forever home.

So please, take a moment to consider fostering cats or kittens of any age. We always need more. Let’s face it. There are more lives to save. 

Yes. There will always be that fear of getting attached. However, is it more fulfilling when your foster cats get adopted and you know that letting them go also allows you to help another needy one. Who knows? He’s just waiting to be found.

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