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Decide to Focus on What is Best, Not Just What is Good

Everyday, we hustle. We do a lot of things and distractions are everywhere – psychological, people and processes. However, if we put our focus on things we do, we are lucky. The problem only is if we focus on the not-so-necessary things. Some of these things are not necessarily wrong. Plainly, they are just not necessary. Majority of the choices we make in life are not really a matter between the good and the bad. The real question – what is best for you? That’s why we are prompted to focus on what is best, not just what is good.

focus on what is best, not just what is good

Now, after knowing that, we are faced with the question: How do we make good decisions? To focus on what is best, not just what is good, we need to set up a higher level of standards and start asking ourselves: Will this decision make me a better person?

Distractions are everywhere…

I remember when I was still doing my research proposal. I was fed up with all the reading materials and the words to be written that I needed a little distraction to spice up the writing process. So, I tuned into a Youtube channel – Raffy Tulfo in Action, a public affairs show that airs on radio which also appears in Youtube. So, I just let the videos play on the other tab of the browser while I write my thesis. There were times I get so intrigued and really stop what I was writing to watch the reactions of the people.

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After a while, I realized I wasn’t doing this to help my writings. All of a sudden I got connected to the lives of the people being aired on the radio. I became interested in their lives that I had to watch out for the next part of their series. Then, it hit me: I’m wasting my time on this. This doesn’t make a better researcher. It has no value. Although, it serves me a for a short time, I should have done better things to focus on what is best, not just what is good.

Focus on What is Best, Not Just What is Good

Are these things evil? Of course, no. Are they not good? No. However, the question is not “Is there any bad about it?”. The right question is, “Will it make be a better person?”

Jesus reminds us to focus on what is best, not just what is good in the following passage:

Everything is permissible,” but not everything is beneficial.“Everything is permissible,” but not everything is edifying. 

1 Corinthians 10:23

Now, what are some things that you do which are not bad but aren’t God’s best for you?

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April 11, 2020 5:15 pm

I love how you differentiate between good and best. It’s amazing the “good things” I gave up for the best thing- Jesus

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin
April 11, 2020 5:15 pm

Procrastination and getting distracted is something that I need to work on. It’s like you said, it’s not bad but it’s not helping me be my best.

Emman Damian
April 11, 2020 5:15 pm

Sometimes you have to do tough decisions. It should always be for the better good and what is right.

April 11, 2020 5:07 pm

Nice post! Your decisions today will rrally dictate your future. If you want to live a life with no regrets, decide always on what is best! Be the best!

Lyanna Soria
April 11, 2020 5:07 pm

It’s quite easy for me to get distracted nowadays which is something I need to work on. Thanks for the reminder and sometimes taking a step back and resting for a while then focus on the next best thing.

Shannon Gurnee
April 11, 2020 5:07 pm

This is a great blog post. So often it is super easy to get distracted and not focus on the things that really matter. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Sara |
Sara |
April 11, 2020 5:07 pm

It’s all about finding the best balance for yourself, your health, your family, your community and the things that matter to you. What’s best for each and every one of us can be a little different. But I love that you brought up the importance of questioning whether your actions help to make you a better person. It’s something we can all benefit from keeping in mind ♡

April 11, 2020 5:07 pm

It is so true that making tough decision is tough but so very important. However, I do not compare things as good or best. But I try to see it as positive or negative. Anything, positive works for me.

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