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do it now. worry later.

Do It Now. Worry Later.

Have you ever been given a task so big you thought you couldn’t accomplish? Well, it is very easy to convince yourself that you can do it – whether it be getting a new project at work or school, meeting new people, or trying something new. However, there are moments when there is no such word as “can’t”. It’s either you do it or do it – do you have a choice? You know what – part of what I love about blogging is getting to know more and speak of myself. It’s like a reunion with inner self. With that, I see myself having an aggressive behavior. Most of the time, I choose to say yes even if I think I can’t, especially if it challenges or interests me. Then, figuring out the process follows. In short: Do it now. Worry later.

Amber, the author of, wrote an article about reaching one’s dreams: How to Make Your Dreams Come True. Well, what I realized about reaching one’s dreams especially if you dream it long enough, is just to take the first step. This blog also serves as one of the many inspirations in writing this article.

do it now. worry later.
Energy. Focus. Enthusiasm.

When you are paid to do something, of course, who are you to say no, right? However, even if at that time, I didn’t have the slightest idea of what to do and where to start, I always knew there was a way to figure it out in the end. This type of ‘I can do’ attitude instills an inner confidence in yourself that pushes you out of your comfort zone – which is something I love. What if I fail? Charged to experience. At least, you tried. You won’t die thinking the ‘what if’s’.

“What I wanted hasn’t changed since back then…”something” that I can’t see in front of me.”

Ging Freecs, Hunter x Hunter

Who’s a fan of Hunter x Hunter here? I always love the above quote from Ging Freecs. It was Ging’s final words to Gon. It gives me one of the reasons why doing “it” now is always worth a try. With much anticipation, it is worth a try that the unknown be explored.

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Do it now. Worry Later. It is all in the mind.

Looking back, it is amazing to think of what you can really do when you condition your mind to doing something. Removing the worries and setting the negativity aside are the key in getting yourself into a positive mind frame. When you take any challenge with the “Do it now. Worry later.” mindset, of course, it is normal to feel a little bit of panic or worry. However, as what Stephen Covey said, you have full control of what you can control – yourself. Never let this degree of stress shy your confidence away, because if it did, self-doubt welcomes itself.

Why do we love to explore the unknown?

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!

Richard Branson

Challenge yourself. Do it now. Worry later. Set goals – attainable goals. Celebrate success, even the small ones. Keep learning in life. Most especially, find a mentor. Never be afraid of asking for help.

Now, if you were asked to take on a new challenge at school or work, just say yes and who knows what kind of opportunities it will bring and how much you are going to learn during the process.

To worry is inevitable, but who says you can’t?

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blair villanueva
blair villanueva
May 25, 2020 3:08 pm

I always say this to my work colleague. Sometimes overthinking of things only leads to so much stress.

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