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Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras

It has been a while since I have gone hiking with Joshua. Although we go on local trips here and there, the last time we climbed a mountain was December last year (2017) to the beautiful and majestic Lake Holon in South Cotabato. So, when a friend of Joshua invited us to go on a day hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras, he never hesitated (It is his favorite mountain ever since he was still a child. It’s ironic that it was his first climb to that “favorite” mountain. haha). Actually, I was kind of hesitant to join since I have lots of paperworks to be done ASAP (haha). But, hey! I told myself the night before the hike “This only happens once or twice a year, and it might never happen again.” Besides, it’s a holiday. So, it was a GO!

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
This is us at the top of the nipple rock at the summit of Napulak.

Eight of us pushed the day hike in Mt. Napulak. This group consists of Joshua’s workmates and friends. Some of them I met for the first time. Everyone has a life to live and careers to build.

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
From left to right: Me, Freddie, France, JV, Mimi, Joshua, JL and Paulyn

Even though we were not acquainted yet at first, there is always that thing binding everyone together: the spirit of fun and adventure. I was not really sure of what to expect on the day hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras. Several reviews consider it as minor hike only with difficulty of 4/9. So, with an elevation of 1200 feet above sea level, we gave that experience a shot and test it ourselves!

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Below is the itinerary of our day hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras. You can modify it based on your preference.

5:00 AMMeetup at Iloilo Terminal Market (They call it Super.)

5:15 AM to 6:15 AMTravel from Iloilo City to Guimbal Market

6:15 AM to 6:30 AMTravel from Guimbal Market to Igbaras Municipal Hall

6:30 AM to 6:45 AM Travel from Igbaras Municipal Hall to point of start off 

7:00 AMStart of hike

7:30 AMBreakfast and coffee at local coffee shop at one of the houses we passed

8:00 AMContinued ascending

11:00 AMETA Summit

11:00 AM to 11:30 NNLunch at summit

11:30 AMClimb the nipple rock

1:00 PM Hike back to coffee shop

3:30 PMDrink coffee and refreshments.

4:00 PM – Descend back to Brgy. Tigbanaba

4:30 PM to 4:50 PMTravel from Brgy. Tigbanaba to Igbaras town proper.

5:00 PMBack to the city


The first part of the trek was considered as a warm-up and the trail, although easy, was steep. We also saw farmlands and a few houses in the area.

More or less 30 mins after hiking, we passed by this humble hut which happened to serve native coffee. The coffee was real good for ten pesos per cup. They also sell a pack of native coffee for fifty pesos. Quite cheap for that delicious taste! We stayed in the hut because some had their breakfast. After 30 minutes, we continued ascending.

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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree, plant, sky and outdoor
Hello John Lloyd! This small hut was a place for refreshment.

Image may contain: drink

Along the way, we saw some Rafflesia flowers, which were one of the reasons why I went. However, they already dried up. If you wish to see blooming Rafflesia flowers, you should plan a hike when they are seasoned. We also stopped by in the water source which they call tuburan to refill our bottles. The waters are coming out from bamboo sprouts which are originally from the mountain springs. This is the only water source so make the most out of it.

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Time for refilling the bottles! 🙂

There were grasses taller than us. Some paths were unclear. Others were steep that they will make your knee reach your chin. What challenged us was the slippery soil and rocky, dry path, especially when descending. Every time we asked Kuya JP (our guide) how many minutes left, he responded 30 minutes all the time, and there were countless 30 minutes (haha). It took us four hours to reach the summit including all the stopovers.

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Continue ascending!
Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Wacky faces of tired, but high-spirited pips!
Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Entering into the forest
Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Look at the stunning view behind us.


When we reach the summit, everyone took a well-deserved rest, reserving the picture taking later. We had a picnic at the summit and ate our packed lunch together with our guide. The dining experience was magnified by the spectacular views of the mountains plus the relaxing music played by Kuya JP. The place was not crowded. We almost owned it all by ourselves. It was a beautiful moment, indeed.

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Wonderful fellowship at the summit!
Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
our humble lunch!

After taking our lunch, we decided to climb up the nipple rock (this is where the name Napulak comes from). If you have a fear of heights, this experience is really a nice try to conquer it. The first one to climb was our guide and I was following him. During the rock climbing, I was trying not to look down because it was real scary. I was focused on the grips and not making the wrong move in the process. A wrong move can cause a fatal injury.

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Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Rock climbing was both fun and scary!
Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Taken from the top of the rock formation!
Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Beautiful Mimi with the majestic background!
Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
Be careful, you love birds! 🙂

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras
beautiful us! 🙂

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras After a while, we decided to descend. We were trying to catch the last trip of jeepney going back to Iloilo at 5 PM. We reached the bottom around 4:30 PM. Even though the trip was so tiring, giving us body aches, the day hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras experience was a total blast!

Day Hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras

Have you also tried this day hike in Mt. Napulak, Igbaras? Let littlemisadvencha know about your experience.


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May 20, 2020 10:59 am

Wow ang ganda naman jan. Gusto ko rin mag hike after ng ecq. Pwede ba sumali sa group nyo? lol

Yaswanth J
May 19, 2020 10:40 pm

There are so many such places in the Philippines that are hidden gems. The pics from the top are great.

katrina Kroeplin
katrina Kroeplin
April 11, 2020 8:37 pm

wow, what an amazing experience. i can’t hike anymore so i will live through this. love the photos too!

April 11, 2020 8:30 pm

This sounds amazing!! I love to hike so I would love to hike this one day!`

Lyanna Soria
April 11, 2020 8:30 pm

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful and exciting adventure. A great place to visit and the view looks absolutely amazing too. All the photos came out nice and captured precious memories.

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin
April 11, 2020 8:30 pm

This would be an awesome place to hike. The views look amazing!

Angelica Sereda
April 11, 2020 8:30 pm

What an amazing way to spend the day- and ‘m sure an amazing workout. Great views!

April 11, 2020 8:30 pm

wow. what an experience. the rock climbing photo looks great! thanks for sharing your experience.

Joy at The Joyous Living

emman damian
April 11, 2020 8:30 pm

I really want to see Mt. Napulak, Igbaras. Can’t wait to hike on this mountain.

emman damian
April 11, 2020 8:30 pm

I haven’t visited Mt. Napulak yet. I hope to try and hike it. It looks so amazing!

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