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Coffeebreak Café: The Original Tambayan of Ilonggos

Have you heard about Tambayan? It is a term used for a place where people usually meet. We meet a lot of people everyday, be it an official or casual meet-up. When we meet people intentionally, what we usually do is pick a common location where everyone will have a good time. I see a lot of Coffeebreak Café branches in Iloilo. Yesterday, I finally asked what is so special about Coffeebreak Café that you see it everywhere. Then, with a few interviews from friends, I found that Coffeebreak Café is the original tambayan of Ilonggos long before Starbucks, Coffee Project, Monkey Grounds and other new coffee shops sprouted in the city.


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brigthen up your mood and take a break. ☕? #energizeyourself

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When did Coffeebreak Café start brewing?

Since 2004, Coffeebreak Café is charming the City of Love with warm and delightful coffee experience for 14 years already. For 14 years, this cafe has been successful in hosting connections, hang-outs and business meetings. I do not have a sneak peak of what this cafe looks like in the early years. However, with what it looks now and what it has to offer, the owners for sure made a lot of innovations to always keep up with customer’s satisfaction.

Coffeebreak Café at Smallville Complex

Actually, I got my first earning in Google Adsense yesterday. So, I told Joshua to visit Coffeebreak Café and have a celebratory coffee treat. There is a lot of branches to choose from. We decided to visit the branch at Smallville Complex since it is the nearest from the house. Voila! We arrived at around 3 in the afternoon. First impression? Coffeebreak Café is the usual cafe with warm lighting, comfy couches, artsy walls, cold aircon, cozy ambiance and relaxing background music.


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try to create an empty space, and coffee will instantly fill it in. ☕?

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sometimes, it feels so good to have nothing but cups of coffee and an empty space. ?

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kape ta na daw ara lang sa balay. ☕

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Free wifi, great menu, and a nice playlist make people: student, businessmen, or even those who just wanna chill coming from everywhere choose this place rather than somewhere else if they have the options. The place is quiet and great for conversations!


The menu isn’t limited to coffee only. Coffeebreak Café also offers tea, soda, wide selection of pastries, pasta and sandwiches. I tried the Cappuccino and KitKat cake.  The KitKat cake is good with the right amount of sweetness, and the price is cheaper compared to other cake shop. For only P125/slice, you already have a taste of heaven. For the coffee, everytime I try a coffee shop, I always find that bitter-taste-with-real-coffee feeling. I always order Cappuccino every time since it is made with double espresso with steamed milk foam. From there, you will know if you like your coffee or not. For my personal taste, the coffee is a little flat but it isn’t bad after all. It is still something you will order again the next time. For menu, you may refer here:


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have a coffee break. have a KitKat. ?

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Coffeebreak Café
Coffeebreak Café: The Bar
Coffeebreak Café
Hello, there! My Cappuccino in the making.
Coffeebreak Café
Pastries over the counter

I enjoyed our stay in Coffeebreak Café with a few notes above. I believe that what makes it stand out in the city is the warm hospitality it offers to every Ilonggo. The business won’t last this long if it’s not because of it – the very reason why it keeps on dominating in the local market.

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Coffeebreak Café
Coffeebreak Café
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