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Bucari in Leon

Bucari in Leon | Summer Capital of Panay

Tagged as Summer Capital of Panay and Iloilo‘s Little Baguio, Bucari in Leon is the perfect getaway if you want to take a break from the city’s hassles. If you are already planning for your next adventure, better check this beautiful place out. The highland attractions and cool climate which are perfect for family bonding and group hangouts invite many tourists who want to unwind, relax and connect with nature.

Today, we decided to break free and enjoy each other’s company. So, we went to Bucari.

How to Get to Bucari in Leon:

Situated in the mountains of Leon and Alimodian, Bucari in Leon is about 50 km away from Iloilo City proper. If you are going to Bucari in Leon using a private car, it will take you an hour and a half. This estimation includes roads which are still under construction. Travel time will be lessened once roads are already done.

If you are commuting from Iloilo City proper, start off place is Jaro. From Jaro, you can either take a van or jeepney going to Leon. The final destination of the van and jeepney is the Leon Town Plaza. Travel time usually takes about two hours, but still not fixed. Once you reach Leon Town Plaza, take a tricycle going to jeepney terminal bound to Bucari. Trips going to Bucari are scheduled from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you wish to get there faster, you can ride habal-habal, but it will cost you more.

This is Leon Catholic Church beside the Leon Town Plaza.

Once you reach Bucari in Leon, proceed to Registration Booth. There, you’ll be paying environmental fee but it is only minimal so don’t worry. They also have tents for rent in case you wanna go camping! Across the street are Batchoy Houses. Iloilo is known for its signature dish, batchoy. So, you shouldn’t miss it! We got hungry after the trip. That’s why we decided to eat first. Aside from Batchoy, they also serve other viands paired with cup of hot rice.

The stores across are not only selling viands, but also fresh vegetables and plants. We actually bought some pots of flower plants.

Mansiga Viewing Deck

You have to take a 10-15 minute trek before you reach the what they call Mansaga Viewing Deck. It will surely be worth every sweat when you reach the top. We were early that time so we had all the place by ourselves. The fresh breeze it offered plus the view of Iloilo can satisfy your weary souls and will surely get your stresses away. If you don’t know it, pine trees are photogenic. They will surely completely the picture-perfect adventure with your family and friends.

This park of pine trees is a pilgrimage site with 14 Stations of the Cross. The view from up there is breathtaking! The climb isn’t too long before you get the stunning view of the mountains.

The trip became an unforgettable adventure because of the sweet creatures! Thank you for playing with us. <3

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and the most photogenic of them all – the pine trees!

After descending, we had our lunch before going home.

Other Attractions

Go camping. You can rent a tent from the receiving area for P300. This tent is good for 3-4 pax already. However, if you wish to bring your own tent, you only have to pay for the charge of P100. Don’t forget to bring thick blankets and jackets when you choose to have an overnight stay. You won’t expect how much the temperature can drop at night time. If you wish to stay in a room, you can go to Pineridge Mountain Resort that offers a beautiful view of Mt. Agua Colonia.

Aside from camping, you can also visit waterfalls and springs. Follow a foot trail from Sitio Camandag to Imoy Falls. End point is a small natural pool perfect for swimming.

Joshua, me, Mama and Papa

Even though we didn’t spend too long in this place, we enjoyed our day of hiking in Bucari, Leon and exploring the beautiful countryside of Iloilo. Another plus factors of the great adventure are its stunning scenery and hospitable Ilonggo people.

Did you like Bucari? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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blair villanueva
blair villanueva
May 24, 2020 2:05 pm

The Philippines is truly beautiful and rich in luscious green! Hope the Philippines will open for international tourism again so I can bring my Aussie family.

May 23, 2020 6:09 pm

What a beautiful place, such history in every brick. Thanks for bringing us with the journey.

Trisha Mishra
May 23, 2020 5:57 pm

What a lovely place for a picnic !! Thanks for sharing.

May 23, 2020 7:31 am

I am glad you enjoyed your trip. Panay is a hidden gem I did not know about. This a place I love to visit!!!🤗

May 22, 2020 11:16 pm

It looks wonderful place
And you shared with us in such a beatiful post

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