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30-Day Blog Challenge: April 2020 Goals

Writing this post actually makes me rethink about how I set and attack my goals. I realized I should really be doing a monthly goal setting because first, it will help me audit on the past months. Second, it will push me to set new goals for the upcoming month. Well, not so many thanks to procrastination – I tend to get away from this “idea” because I feel like I always don’t have the time. But, as they always say, start small. I believe we will be under a “stay-at-home” rule for the whole month of April, or for an indefinite future. So, I am creating this list of goals to do for April. I will be focusing on goals that I can realistically achieve. Here’s my April 2020 Goals.


My April 2020 Goals

  1. Do my laundry: Ever since the quarantine period started, I never did any washing of my laundry. Right now, they got piled up to a whole-month worth of dirty clothes. Very ironic – when quarantine was not yet implemented, I managed to do my laundry on a weekly basis. Right now, I can barely wash them. That’s why I need to plan out the next days so I could get this done.
  2. Workout my thesis revisions: The last step before my paper’s approval is waiting for me to get it done. I started working on my thesis last year. It takes forever before it hits the finish line. I know this could be done right away in one or two sitting. All I really need is to end this procrastination and start rolling.
  3. Pay bills: Managing finances including bills to pay is one thing I should prioritize this month. I wasn’t able to pay last month’s bill because I was dependent on the 30-day extension of credit card companies. Before this month ends, I need to settle them and make sure to leave no unpaid bill.
  4. Finish the 30-Day Blog Challenge: I am now on Day 19. A few more days and this challenge will be over. After keeping up for 30 days, I’m going to share the results to everyone – both to my blog as a whole and to me. I’m counting on consistency here.
  5. Get creative with content: I want to start thinking outside the box. Nowadays, it’s easier to be glued to the news, but I want to start connecting with friends and do something extraordinary for them. I need time to figure out how it’s going to be done, but I want to satisfy the inner me and be creative while appreciating the people I love.
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To productivity

Although the month is going to end already, I still look forward to a productive April 2020. Let us all look at the bright side despite of what’s going on around. I am wishing everyone a safe and healthy quarantine period. Thank you for reading this far!

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This post is part of 30-day blog challenge below.

30-day blog challenge

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Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie
May 4, 2020 9:09 pm

Goodluck on the challenge. I do need to organize stuff and learn to prioritize.

April 23, 2020 6:59 pm

I think having a goal and listing it is a great way to make sure you accomplish them. I think I should also make some goals this week.

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