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Almost Lifeless Cat Who Found a Second Chance Marks 2nd Rescue-sary

When animals are in danger, they don’t have the voice to call out for help. But thanks to this woman who is an emergency responder. She’s sharing the amazing rescue story of a cat who found a second chance.

Cat Who Found a Second Chance

Hi. My name is Benben. My mom named me after 711 because that’s where we first met. I always capture the hearts of many over the internet but not all really know my rescue story. It took one brave woman with the purest of hearts to give me a second chance in life. I am celebrating my second rescue-sary (2nd year) this month. If you haven’t heard about me, my mom is gonna tell you my inspiring rescue story. I was just an almost lifeless cat back then who found a second chance.

Story of a Cat Who Found a Second Chance

It was Saturday around 1 in the afternoon when I saw a post from Saving Strays Cebu. Saving Strays Cebu is an instrument of HOPE for unfortunate stray animals through evoking community participation to care for helpless animals in Cebu. In a place nearby, a cat was found in an extremely poor condition, covered in mud and couldn’t even stand up. The fact that he’s been there for three days without any help meant he’s fighting for his life. Passerby’s are afraid to help because he was showing aggression.

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I read comments from that post saying the cat was already dead. A reporter even said he’s no longer moving. Who would have the energy to move after three days of lying there helpless? My husband and I immediately rushed to the place after his work. At 4 PM the same day, we found the almost-lifeless cat beside the road. When we tried to approach him, he’s not actually aggressive contrary to what the reporter said. He’s just afraid. It’s completely different although fear awakens aggression if not handled properly.

What puzzled me until now is of all people who went and checked the cat, why did they declare that he was already dead? Sometimes, people quickly arrive at conclusions without trying to do everything they can do.

My husband carried and held him in his arms, and the cat completely surrendered to our help. He knew at that moment he’s in good hands. With the help of some kind-hearted people, funds were raised to admit BenBen to the animal hospital.

There’s no giving up…

Benben spent about a week in the hospital. The first few days were critical. He refused to eat. Every time the vet assisted him to stand up, he would shout like he’s in pain. However, his body temperature was improving the next day. Still, he had no appetite though he’s drinking water, thank God!

Me and my loving husband

We offered everything, but he still refused every single time until he was given his favorite food. Can you guess what? It’s tinolang isda (Fish in gingered chicken soup). Benben regained his appetite and I continued to visit him every day after work. His body temperature still fluctuated the first few days due to bacterial infection. His temperature was normalized on the 7th day and was advised to be discharged.

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No one volunteered to foster Benben. So, I did the honor although I didn’t have any plan of having another cat. But, who could resist a cat who fights for his life?

Benben continued to make progress…

Benben couldn’t even carry himself. So me and my other cats shared the responsibility to take care and entertain Benben throughout his healing process.

My husband and I felt good about adopting Benben. Today, Benben is becoming more and more acclimated to being just another member of the family. Looking back to the time when he was too helpless, I could say that the reward of him being healthy now is all worth it.

My cats kind of teach him how to be normal again, and they also give him confidence. He follows the other cats on what to do, and he’s really smart and a quick learner. I’ve got him house broken already with the help of Munchkin, my first cat.

Meowmy and I won during Furrenting 101’s SMILE CONTEST.
I’m so cute, I know!

Thank you so much!

The connection between me and Benben is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Contributor: Edah Villamor

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May 17, 2020 7:17 pm

Benben is so cute! Thanks for saving such a lovely fur baby!

May 17, 2020 6:23 am

Such a blessing, thank you for caring and saving a life.

May 16, 2020 4:27 pm

Thank you so much for saving his life and making him happy. Saving one precious animal a day can make a big difference. He is so a cutie!

Melissa Kane
May 15, 2020 7:27 am

He is so cute. Thank you for rescuing him & giving him a new chance.

May 15, 2020 6:09 am

How sweet! All my puppies have been rescues. I love them!

May 14, 2020 11:48 pm

Benben is so strong! He is now a very handsome cat! You are all amazing taking care of him!


May 14, 2020 5:44 pm

Benben is the cutest yet the biggest! Can’t imagine the condition that he was in from how he looks now! Kudos to his Mom and Dad!

Cristina Petrini
May 14, 2020 3:54 pm

These are the happy ending stories, which like fairy tales with a moral, I love to read.

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