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Aguinid Falls in South Cebu: Conquering the 8-Tier Waterfall Adventure

Days before our wedding, my husband and I decided to go on an adventure. It’s lovely to take days of rest before our big day, but we both feel the need to escape, too. I was also trying to take short clips using my camera, so I thought going on an adventure would be a great idea. Besides, having so much time spent working from home gave us the urge to enjoy some outdoor alternatives. So, days before our big day, with just a few searches from Google, we conquered the 8-Tier Aguinid Falls in South Cebu.

Again, I really didn’t expect for an adventure close to canyoneering. I only imagined of taking videos while Joshua took plunges into the falls. I didn’t bring any extra clothes, and I was wearing a dress when we went there (haha). But, we were both surprised! Conquering the 8-tier waterfalls required us to wear safety gears and be soaked in water. And since, it’s only once in a lifetime given that we have this pandemic situation, I just said YES TO THE ADVENTURE.

How to get to Aguinid falls from Cebu City

Aguinid Falls in South Cebu is 150 km away from the city proper. The easiest and cheapest way to go there is riding a bus at South Bus Terminal. The fare costs 250 pesos each person.

Entrance to Aguinid Falls costs 300 pesos each person. Their rates increased due to pandemic. Getting a guide is also a must for safety reasons. There is no fixed rate for the guides, but they do expect for one after. This tip is actually their wage as the entrance fee, which serves as the environmental feel, goes to the municipality.

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Aguinid falls in South Cebu, specifically in Samboan, is one of the best tourist attractions here in Cebu Island. I’ve been here in Cebu for seven years now and already tried canyoneering in Kawasan Falls, but this is the very first time that I got interested in Aguinid Falls. Tangbo River feeds the falls, which gives it a slightly green color due to the calcium present in it.

Conquering Aguinid Falls in South Cebu

In total, Aguinid falls has 8 tiers. The walk starts following a path to level 1 of the falls. There is a pool at this level, which is nice to enjoy for a short while before continuing on climbing the big rock.

Reaching Level 2 involves climbing directly up a waterfall. It may look very challenging but don’t worry, the guide will lead you to watch for small footholds in the big rock to make it easier to climb.

After you’ve successfully climbed the waterfall, the hardest part is over. Level 3 is relatively small, but is a nice spot to sit under the falls and enjoy a massage from the falling water.

Then you can pass Level 4 which is also relatively easy with a little walk and swim.

Level 5 is one of the most fun levels of the falls, as it’s possible to do some mini cliff jumping. The drop is only around 10 feet, but it’s good fun to jump into the pool below! Your guide will show you where to jump to land safely.

Once you’ve jumped to your hearts content, it’s time to move on to the most difficult Level 6 of Aguinid falls. This is one of the prettiest as well. There is a small pool at the base of the falls to take a swim in, which is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

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After the most difficult level, level 7 and level 8 are the easiest – just a few climbs to the top, and you’re there. The last level just showcases a small pool as shown below.

When you reach the last level, you don’t need to go back the same way you came up. There is an easy trek going back to the starting point which takes around ten minutes. Then, give the tip to the guides and voila, you’re done. Since we finished lunch time, we had our lunch “paluto” at the starting point.

Overall, it was a very memorable experience. Truly, the best adventure comes from the unexpected. The next time, I wouldn’t mind borrowing shorts from Joshua, and going home with wet undies and clothes if this is the kind of memories I’ll bring with me.

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