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Date an Ilonggo | 6 Reasons Why You Should

Whether you are just merely wondering what it is like to go out with an Ilonggo or you are already in the developing stages of your relationship with one, this article 6 reasons why you should date an Ilonggo.

Who are the Ilonggo People?

Hiligaynon people who are also known as Ilonggos are a subgroup of the Bisaya people, and their primary language is the Hiligaynon language. I remember I was corrected before by my Ilonggo friends every time I say, “Kabalo ko mag Ilonggo.” (I know how to speak Ilonggo). Ilonggo is misunderstood as a language. Well, in fact, Ilonggo is a term used to distinguish people, not a language.

Now, let’s get to the point. I have known a lot of Ilonggos, and they are undeniably known to be malambing, a Filipino word which means gentle or soft-spoken. This quality haunts them everytime they go to another city and are asked to speak Hiligaynon language. They speak in a sing-song pattern which is so gentle for an impression and this tickles those who come from other regions who hear them. It is even hard to distinguish if an Ilonggo is upset because their tone of speaking is still gentle.

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Why Date an Ilonggo?

    • Date an Ilonggo because he will court you. 

      It’s the first reason why you date an Ilonggo. Do you think courtship was a thing of the past? Oh, an Ilonggo suitor will prove you wrong. In the past, Filipino courtship includes panghaharana (Serenade) and paninilbihan (service). Ilonggos give very great importance on courting under the Filipino tradition. However, in the modern days, these acts are no longer conventional, but, a more contemporary kind of courting is taking place. He will surely spend the time to win you over with small gifts, sweet messages, and devoted acts. His time is dedicated to pursuing you as a testimony of the strength of his affection for you.

    • Date an Ilonggo because you become part quickly of his family.

      I have heard a lot of ladies complaining, “My boyfriend will not introduce me to his family or friends.” For some reason, it is odd that you have not met your boyfriend’s family or friends. For me, it can be tough to know at first whether or not your boyfriend is in it for the long haul, but there should be some sure-fire signs to look for along the way which will help you get a sense of what he prioritizes. Based on my experience, Ilonggo families are very welcoming, warm and generous. That’s why you should date an Ilonggo! Correct! They go above and beyond to make you feel like a part of them. Just a tip: once you got introduced, prepare to be invited to every gathering which follows.

    • Date an Ilonggo because you don’t have to worry about small fights.

      When it comes to dating an Ilonggo, don’t worry about small fights getting out of hand. Ilonggos try their hardest not to lose their cool. Instead of responding to you in anger, usually, they resort to this little act called tampo (silent treatment). Don’t worry. To address this tampo, a patient and persistent act of lambing is enough.

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  • Date an Ilonggo because he is very malambing.

    This is by far the most known trait of an Ilonggo. There is a certain amount of gentleness in the way he says things, and a smile usually accompanies it. Believe me. Their smiles are genuine. This trait of them never gets old, and this is what they take pride in over the years.

  • Date and Ilonggo because he is hardworking and humble

    . One thing I noticed about them is that they never show their financial status with the way they behave in public or in the way they dress up. They work very hard for the purpose of reaching their dreams. You would not notice millionaires walking along downtown in short pants and t-shirts. They never brag about their wealth and will never attempt to give you even a hint.

  • Date an Ilonggo because he will bring you closer to God.

    It is true that for a relationship to be successful, God must be the center of it. That is why Ilonggo is a perfect match for you because he is prayerful and you know that when you finally meet the one, you realize that God has begun unfolding the events that led you to find the right one. Be it an Ilonggo or not, choose a person who will bring you closer to God instead of pulling you away from Him.

date an ilonggo
date an ilonggo

Another tip: never start dating if you do not know what you are looking for. Take some time in yourself to evaluate what you are looking for in a relationship. This means asking yourself the questions: What do I value? What makes me happy? How important is this to me? Only by knowing the answers to this questions you will find peace and a sense of content in yourself.

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Prince Chulalankor
Prince Chulalankor
April 11, 2020 9:25 pm

Abaw tuod guid ni ba.Ti ano pa ginahulat nyo?

April 11, 2020 9:25 pm

hahaha nice, pero tuod gid ni bala…😁😁Ilonggos are very humble..

April 11, 2020 9:25 pm

Kukunin ko link nitong blog mo para i-share ko sa ibang girls. May lahi kase akong Ilonggo eh. Hahah..

Bayani Rh Ladrido
April 11, 2020 9:25 pm


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