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5 quarantine goals

30-Day Blog Challenge: My 5 Quarantine Goals

An unprecedented shutdown all over the world was brought about by Covid-19. Here in the Philippines, the government imposed lockdowns all over the country, both cities and provinces, from March 2020 until now. Schools, malls, restaurants and other shops are forced to close with no timetable yet for reopening. A lot of us are enveloped with fear not knowing what lies on the next days, weeks, or months. We are all unprepared. In fact, no one is actually prepared for this – even the United States. As individuals, we should let go of our plans: work and travel. The best thing we can actually do is to cooperate and learn how to make the most out of this quarantine period. In this article, I am going to share 5 quarantine goals I am setting to make sense of the quarantine period.

5 quarantine goals

5 Quarantine Goals

1. Restructure Priorities

During this quarantine period, I guess it’s best to introspect. I need to revisit the list of my priorities and crash out the unnecessary. What will I be doing the next year? the next two years? These priorities should be made clear first so that I will have basis for my future decisions, and that I won’t be shaken by any unexpected circumstance.

2. Learn new skill.

It’s hard to juggle so many balls with just two hands. Since I am now working from home, I am tasked to learn a few software (engineering software) and am expected to be able to demonstrate and teach the features of these three. Although, learning simultaneously is quite a challenge, I am still grateful for this job because at the end, it’s not really the company alone which will benefit from this, but also myself.

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3. Explore blog monetization.

The past few days, I read some articles on few more ways to monetize your blog, and this is quite overwhelming. I mean, one can really actually make good money out of blogging (e.g. direct advertising, ad placement, content writing, etc.) When I say good money, let’s say an ad can make you earn as much as $200 in a month. If you are skilled on ad placements, just imagine how many ads you can display on your page or site. Although, I am earning a few dollars monthly from blogging (Adsense), I’d like to explore and learn more about blog monetization. By the end of the period, I will be making a blog income report or summary.

4. Workout routine.

Since the start of lockdown, the urge to workout on a daily basis is deteriorating. No matter how much I try to push myself down to that yoga mat, my body just can’t. Now, these layers of belly fat are actually crying out loud to me to start working out again. Wishful thinking!

5. Daily devotion.

Most importantly, it’s not enough to just take good care of your mental and physical health. The desire to grow spiritually should be practiced by everyone because when we are close to Him, we are much more aware of ourselves and of Him. Every single day, we make countless decisions. If we are not bounded with the truth, we will be lost. The only way to get to know the truth is to immerse ourselves in His words. Let’s bury our old self who focuses on temporal things, and fix our eyes on things that really last.

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30-day blog challenge

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Ra'Nesha Wilson
Ra'Nesha Wilson
April 14, 2020 11:46 am

Thanks sharing I’m engaged to pull a list together for next month and challenge myself.

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