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30-day blog challenge

The Ultimate 30-Day Blog Challenge – April 2020

April 2020. It’s just a day before next month. I have decided to launch a 30-day blogging challenge to make myself productive while growing my blog during this difficult time due to Covid-19 pandemic. I am pretty sure that it will be a great way for bloggers I will be inviting to get to know each other. If you stumble upon this post, kindly include the image below at the top of your post. You may leave a link of your posts in the comment section so that I and the other readers can see your posts. We are encouraged to engage on each post through comments and/or shares.

30-Day Blog Challenge

30-day blog challenge

What does this do to you?

Aside from connecting with other bloggers, this great challenge can also be a way of challenging your discipline as you complete the 30-day blog challenge. Moreover, you will be able to:

  • Write more content. This challenge is writing 30 blog posts in the month of April! It’s pretty sure you will get better at your writing as you write more frequently.
  • Get more traffic. The more blog posts you create, the more you share them to various platforms, and the more traffic you will get into your site. How is that?
  • Practice your skills. As you write more frequently, the more chance you hone your skills in writing. Every single time, you will be more creative with your blog posts.
  • Build connections. Engage. Use this opportunity to share and interact with other bloggers joining the challenge.
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Just write and write and publish to get into the routine of things.

Just spread the love and let’s grow together. Have fun!

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April 28, 2020 11:53 pm

This is awesome! I wonder if we could create an Instagram group and all participate? That is if you’re up for it!

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O
April 28, 2020 11:49 pm

That looks like an interesting blog challenge to take. I should try this out. It looks so fun.

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